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Of course, we may not have been to holiday resorts like Bali and Mallorca for a long time. Sydney’s busy seasons are mostly shrouded in gloomy sky.However, to help you make the most of this beautiful weather and overcome the depression of returning to work, the prestigious Cronulla bar Northies has opened a new Pop-up bar.


恰如其分地命名为Summer Terrace,这个Pop-up占据了酒吧的Old Joe's Terrace,并提供了大量的假日氛围——冰镇啤酒、有趣的鸡尾酒、现场音乐和舒适的日间床,让您享受悠闲的一天。

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这个Pop-up是悉尼南部机构和北海滩啤酒厂4 Pines之间的合作,以庆祝后者的新啤酒Freshy Extra Refreshing Ale,所以你也可以期待喝上大量的啤酒。



顾客不仅可以享受舒适的躺椅,还有特级清新啤酒、 酒精姜啤酒或豪爽的桃子冰茶。



地点:Northies Cronulla Hotel,Kingsway & Elouera Road, Cronulla


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