Australia – Yang Anze is diagnosed with the new crown and continues to actively participate in the election for mayor of New York (photo) | Australia Chinatown

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纽约市市长候选人杨安泽(Andrew Yang)对Covid-19测试呈阳性。杨

纽约市市长候选人杨安泽(Andrew Yang)对Covid-19测试呈阳性。







Yang Anze said at the press conference: "The reason why I ran for mayor is very simple, because I have seen the crisis and believe I can help."


When Yang Anze was running for the Democratic presidential nominee, the US$XNUMX a month universal basic income plan has attracted many supporters and formed his grassroots foundation.


纽约市现任市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)第二任期即将届满。

目前,纽约市已经有36名候选人宣布参选纽约市长初选,其中包括纽约市布鲁克林区区长亚当斯(Eric Adams),纽约市审计长史特林格(Scott Stringer)和曾为现任纽约市长白思豪工作过的民权工作者、律师玛雅·威利(Maya Wiley)等。

The Democratic Party’s primary election for the New York Mayor candidate will be held on June 6, and the New York City mayor election is scheduled for November 22.

Topic: Countries around the world respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic into the topic >>

Too scary!After taking Pfizer vaccine, the eyes were slanted and 4 people had adverse reactions. The FDA insisted that there was no problem... (Picture)

Australia wants to take the lead in investigating the origin of the virus!Beijing clearly refuses: political manipulation is unpopular (photo)

Why did you suddenly change your face?WHO also needs to investigate the source of the virus, will China agree to it (photo)

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