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The highest-ranked diplomat of the Chinese Communist Party, Yang Jiechi, delivered a video speech through the National Committee on US-China Relations on Monday (February 2) evening. This is US President Biden. . .
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The highest-ranked diplomat Yang Jiechi delivered a video speech through the National Committee on US-China Relations on Monday (February 2) evening. This is the first time that US President Biden took power two weeks after he sent a member of the Politburo to give a public speech to the United States.

According to the report, Yang Jiechi’s speech on Monday night was conducted through Zoom. Due to the extremely poor signal and several interruptions in the middle, American reporters ridiculed that this is the worst news video; some netizens solemnly suggested that Yang should change the translation. Wall software (VPN), to mock the use of firewalls to block foreign Internet.

The content of Yang's speech is a copy of the speech of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, repeating the consistent position, such as the so-called "mutual respect and win-win cooperation", and calling those who do not want to be pressured "respect for internal affairs." There should be closer exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese armed forces and an emphasis on never interfering in the internal affairs of the United States, including the US elections.

Yang Jiechi expressed the hope that after the inauguration of US President Biden, China-US relations will return to a predictable and constructive track. At the same time, he emphasized that Taiwan is a red line and the United States is required to implement the promises in the US-China Three Joint Communiqué and abide by the "one China principle."In addition to the Taiwan issue, Yang also mentioned the issues of Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang, and demanded that the United States stop pressure.

Yang especially criticized the China policy of the former US President Trump's administration and the American hawks, saying that it was a strategic misjudgment and the old thinking of a zero-sum game and was doomed to failure.

Yang Jiechi called on China and the United States to restore the embassies, think tanks, colleges, media, local and business exchanges between the two countries. He also hoped that the Biden administration would cancel the policy of restricting Chinese students studying in the United States and the Chinese media in the United States, and cancel the closure. Confucius Institutes and punishing Chinese companies.

Western netizens joked that it seems that Yang believes that if Trump is blamed for everything, then Biden will magically eliminate many of the Trump administration's policies toward China in the past.

Obviously, the organizer, the National Committee on US-China Relations, was afraid that netizens would make negative comments on Yang's speech and closed the comment area under Youtube from the beginning.Moreover, after the speech, the organizer arranged for related members to have a non-recorded, private question and answer with Yang.

The National Committee on US-China Relations claims to be an American non-governmental organization aimed at promoting the development of Sino-US relations and having a positive impact on the world; it was established in 1966.The members of the committee are mostly former U.S. government officials, such as the old friend in the mouth: Henry Kissinger (Henry
Alfred Kissinger), Maurice R. Greenberg (Maurice R. Greenberg).

Hope to cooperate with Biden on the epidemic and climate change

Yang Jiechi also mentioned in his speech that the two sides can cooperate in areas such as fighting the epidemic, economic recovery and climate change.

The Wall Street Journal previously quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that in order to restart the troubled US-China relationship, Beijing is promoting Yang Jiechi's visit to the United States, meeting with senior staff of the new President Biden, and discussing future summits between the two leaders.

It is reported that Beijing has proposed Yang Jiechi’s plan to travel to Washington since December last year. It is hoped that Yang Jiechi will send a signal to Washington: Unlike the Trump administration, Yang considers that Biden’s policy focuses on climate change and the epidemic, and will focus on these new focuses. Cooperation between China and the United States, and facilitated the first meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping.

But the embassy in Washington denied any such incident.

The Huari report quoted a Chinese official as saying that for Xi Jinping, restoring working relations with the U.S. president is crucial because he is trying to ensure the steady development of the next two years (Chinese political and economic) and is preparing to serve as his unprecedented The third term.If the relationship with the United States is not handled well, he may be criticized in the party.

New Secretary of State: poses the most significant challenge to the United States

And Yang Jiechi docked with the new U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Brinken (Antony
Blinken).He has stated many times that China is the biggest challenge for the United States, but the United States and China still have room for cooperation in areas such as climate change.

Biden's chief medical consultant Fauci has confirmed that he will discuss epidemic prevention and control with medical consultant Zhong Nanshan.

Brinken accepted the NBC News Network (NBC
In an interview, he said that although the investigators of the source of the COVID-2019 disease (COVID-19) sent by the World Health Organization (WHO) have arrived at the scene in Wuhan, China, Beijing is allowing experts to enter the location where the virus was discovered. Performance is still "far from failing."

"no doubt,() It poses the most significant challenge to us than other countries, but it is a complex challenge.This relationship has a confrontational side, and of course there is a competitive side, as well as a cooperative side. "He said. "But no matter whether we are dealing with any aspect of these relationships, we must be able to treat China from a strong rather than a weak standpoint (). "

From trade and technology, handling of the coronavirus pandemic to territorial and human rights, the Trump administration has reversed the habitual perceptions of the US political and business circles about China’s engagement policy over the past few decades that economic liberalization will bring about A more democratic China.This idea is now widely regarded as wrong.

Trump has also imposed tariffs on tens of millions of Chinese exports, bringing the US-China relationship to its lowest point in decades.

Michael Waller, senior analyst for strategic policy at the Center for Security Policy, a think tank based in Washington, DC (J.
Michael Waller) told reporters that the greatest achievement of former President Trump was that he "completely changed the US strategy of dealing with communist China."

The Trump administration's China policy is based on the principle of "distrust + confirmation".Outsiders believe that the Biden administration has just taken office, and how to deal with the relationship with the United States will be the key to the future of the United States.

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