Australia-Is Death Coming?It's scary to experience this horror scene in the middle of the night | Australia Chinatown

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Chilling photo showing where a tree shot through t. . .

Chilling photo showing where a tree shot
through the roof and in between a couple in bed. I'm speechless. A
miracle the family is okay. @KREM2

— Tim Pham (@TimPhamKREM)
January 13, 2021

When a woman in Washington State, USA, was sleeping in the bedroom of her home a few days ago, the trees on the side of the road broke directly due to the continuous gust of wind outside her house, crushing the roof of her house. What’s more frightening was that the thick branches were inserted straight into the double bed , Let this woman be suppressed on the spot.This scene can't help but reminiscent of the horrifying plot of the movie "Desperadoes", but fortunately the woman was rushed to the hospital and found her life.

According to The Sun, a woman in Washington State was sleeping soundly in her room with her husband in the early morning of January 1, when a strong wind blew outside the house, and a large tree on the roadside failed to beat the strong wind. One of the branches broke. Falling directly to the woman's house; what is even more terrifying is that the thick branches directly penetrated the ceiling and inserted straight into the double bed, and the woman was also firmly suppressed.

After the firefighters arrived, they immediately used machinery to pull the woman out from the bottom of the tree. Fortunately, only the arm was injured by crushing. There was no life-threatening after the emergency treatment.The local fire chief Brian
Schaeffer said that this large branch will penetrate the woman's body within a few centimeters. "She is really lucky."


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