Australia-The affectionate man who married his deceased wife in a funeral home was beaten by his mother-in-law: Can you stop spending my dead daughter? You are really enough! (Video/Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

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One year, Xu, who is still consuming his dead wife and eating human blood buns, is really enough! 01‍Everyone still remember the 2019

One year, Xu, who is still consuming his dead wife and eating human blood buns, is really enough!


Do you remember the special wedding in the funeral home in 2019?

At that time, this special wedding was simply a blow to the Internet and touched countless people. Hundreds of millions of netizens were crying for such love. They also praised Xu, the protagonist of the wedding, who was really affectionate and a good man who loved himself so much. Wife, let us see love in it.

Some people even call Xu's love with his deceased wife a "contemporary lover."

However, a year later, Xu's "affectionate man" personality was questioned by the woman's mother.

The mother of the woman publicly posted on the online platform:

"One year ago, Xu Shinan held a wedding for my daughter in the funeral home. Since then, he has become an affectionate man in the news media. In fact, in my concept, this is a funeral, not a wedding. I didn’t know it beforehand, and I didn’t know that he invited the reporter. After the host came out and started talking about the things before the wedding, I didn’t know it was a wedding."

Judging from the woman’s mother’s narrative, it was Xu who “deliberately” invited the reporter, and then there was a sensational video on the Internet and a hot search at the time: After the wedding and the funeral in the funeral home, the story behind it made people cry.

The special wedding in this funeral home made people cry a year ago;

A year later, the wedding and the story behind it were embarrassing.

The woman’s mother also said that a year after her daughter’s death, Xu has been posting videos related to her daughter on the Internet. One side of Xu said in the video how he felt affection for his deceased wife while talking about another girlfriend.What does this mean?Xu is using his deceased wife to attract traffic and hype.

The woman’s mother’s request was simple, she asked Xu to remove all her daughter’s videos and stop using her daughter to make hype.In the eyes of ordinary people, this is a normal request of a mother to lose her daughter, and it is not excessive at all.You have lost your beloved wife, and others have lost your dear daughter. You send a video to show off your affection, isn't it because you sprinkle salt on the wound of the woman's mother.

What's more, this Xu is still a fake soulful character, and he is acting.

Xu once said in an interview when he held a wedding last year:

"My wife stopped in the funeral home for 7 days. Since I was a child, I found those places to be terrible, but when my wife went in, I was not afraid of anything. I slept next to my wife every day. On August 2007, 8, we both The relationship was confirmed. She registered her marriage in her hometown in 13, and she fell ill in 2013. Because of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she got fat and wore wigs, and so on. Our wedding did not happen. In July 2014, my wife relapsed again. We didn’t say a word since October 2018th and we don’t know me anymore."

Xu said that he had been taking care of his wife after she fell ill. Now it seems to be lying because the woman's mother said:

"Because I have cancer myself, my daughter kept hiding from me after the relapse. I didn't know the truth of the incident until very late. During that time, Xu Shinan and my daughter were always separated from each other, and my daughter also It was her best friend who was accompanying and taking care of her. Xu Shinan also said that he had been taking care of my daughter and he was lying."

Judging from the woman's mother's narrative, Xu's behavior is too much.

If you really love someone, he dies, you should put it in your heart more than show off the so-called affectionate personality again and again.

The affectionate man who married his deceased wife in the funeral home was beaten on the face by his mother-in-law: Can you stop consuming my dead daughter?


I went to watch all the videos that Xu Mou posted on a certain sound, and I picked a few to show everyone what he called "affectionate."

Many videos posted by Xu will have such tags: "Unchanging until death", "Special wedding in a funeral home".If you are simply pinning your grief over your deceased wife, there is no need to deliberately put on such a label.

The reason why I have made a bold guess is for the fire.

After being questioned by the woman's mother, Xu also posted a video of the attack.

When Xu originally posted a video of his former love with his deceased wife on the Internet, he could still get everyone's sympathy, but now it is more questioning.

One netizen was quite right: "If you really love her, you should give her a grand wedding while she is alive, instead of waiting for her to die and spending her. If you start bringing goods next, I think you It will be worse than Chen Shimei."

If you really love her, you should hold a grand wedding while she is alive, not at the funeral home after the person is dead.When people are dead, who do you do it for? To put it bluntly, you are not doing it for the living.In addition, it should be noted that Xu and his wife obtained the certificate in 2013. In such a long time, can't they hold a wedding for his wife?This is a bit unreasonable for both reason and emotion.

Xu himself explained that it was because his wife was sick, she was fat and wearing a wig, and then the wedding was dragged on.But I saw from Yang's Weibo that Yang has always been pretty.The wife did not hold the wedding when she was still alive, but she held it in the funeral home after the marriage, and invited reporters. It is hard not to doubt that it was a hype.

Nowadays, there are more and more people questioning Xu. If Xu really loves his wife, he will respect the request of the woman's parents instead of continuing to send love videos to sprinkle salt on the woman's mother's wound.You don't need to send a video to prove to the netizens how affectionate you are. After all, your beloved wife has passed away. What use is your affection?

If you really love your wife, you should respect your parents and help your wife take good care of them, instead of getting into such an embarrassing situation with her parents because of past videos.

Xu, are you affectionate?

In my opinion, it is more about using the dead wife speculation to attract traffic. If this is the case, Xu's food appearance is too ugly, and his character is also visible.


I also found the chat history sent by the woman's mother on Weibo, and I was shocked.

Yang told his girlfriends before his death: "The last person is a good man, don't abandon, don't give up, treat me well, haha, the first time I got sick to this time I got sick."

This sentence can also be seen in Yang's cynicism towards Xu, and the word "haha" is imaginative.

I really miss it, I put it in my heart, I can't help but complete it for her, instead of holding up the loudspeaker and shouting like this.Now the woman’s mother has sent a lawyer’s letter to Xu. Regarding Xu’s behavior, Yang’s mother has the right to request Xu to remove Yang’s video.

Article XNUMX of the Chinese Civil Code stipulates that if the deceased’s portrait, reputation, privacy, etc. have been infringed, his spouse, children, and parents have the right to demand that the perpetrator bear civil liability; Xu asked the media to photograph him and the late Yang Yang’s wedding and posting on social media have violated Yang’s portrait rights. Yang’s mother can request Xu to stop the infringement according to law.

Not long ago there was a "realistic version of Fan Shengmei" whose parents ate"", the family is cold;

Nowadays, Xu has used his dead wife to hype, ignoring his conscience and desecrating love.

Humans, still have to be a little conscientious, have a god who is not afraid of others, knowing oneself, and doing it for themselves.

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