Australia-BYD and Australian companies sign a distribution agreement for China's new energy vehicles to land in Australia-Australia Chinatown in 2022

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BYD, a large Chinese new energy vehicle company, recently signed a right-hand drive vehicle distribution contract with an Australian company.The first batch of new energy vehicles is expected to be launched in Australia in 2022.



Car Advice website reported on the 12th that it is reported that since 2015, BYD has begun to try to launch new energy vehicles in Australia.In the past 5 years, there have been 5 electric taxis from BYD on the streets of Sydney.In the past six months, a BYD SUV, four-door sedan and caravan have also appeared on the streets of Sydney.

Initially, Australian distributor Nexport only planned to sell BYD cars online.Now, the company says it has no plans to establish a network of distributors' showrooms.Vehicle pricing is expected to be announced later this year.


Editor: Tan Yanhu

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