Australia-"Bitcoin is losing, at least for now", the author of "Black Swan" announces the sale | Australia Chinatown

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知名财经着作《黑天鹅》的塔勒布(Nassim Nicholas Taleb)也加入了关于比特币的论战。

Taleb tweeted on February 2th that he has been dealing with his own bitcoin holdings.The reason is also very simple:

The volatility of a currency will never exceed what you buy and sell with it.You can't use cryptocurrency to price goods.

He also stated that Bitcoin volatility will not decrease over time or higher prices, which is exactly what you don't need.


From this, he concluded that:


Taleb also stated in another tweet that Bitcoin has failed as a hedge against central bank policy.

The former options trader also talked about a controversial point about digital currencies, especially Bitcoin: the characteristics of criminal tools:

Another problem that Bitcoin fanatics don't understand is that the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies depends on certain opacity and their ability to deal with tax fraud and money laundering.

You can wash the gold coins you own by melting them back to the furnace.You can reshape a spoon.

Bitcoin is easier to handle than cash.


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