Australia-Wang Feng's 15-year-old daughter rarely takes a recent photo, and she has a good body and looks good and hits her face Chen Yanxi (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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On February 2, Wang Feng's daughter, Xiaopingping, posted a recent photo on a social platform after a year.

There are a total of 15 photos in the dynamic. There are color and black and white, and there are portraits and landscapes. It looks like they have been saved for a long time.

The little apple in the photo seems to be playing everywhere, having a very fulfilling and happy life.And every photo is very beautiful, it can be seen that the appearance of the little apple is very high.

You can also see from the photos that Little Apple has a very good figure. She is very tall sitting on the amusement facility, and she does not lose to the supermodel birth mother Ge Yunjie.It seems that Little Apple has inherited Ge Yunjie's excellent genes, which is enviable.

Many netizens think that after seeing the photos of Little Apple, she looks like Chen Yanxi, and they are all sweet.Some netizens expressed their desire to see Little Apple and her biological mother Ge Yunjie in the same frame.

However, Wang Feng and Ge Yunjie have been divorced for a long time, and now they have two lovely babies with Zhang Ziyi, and the relationship between Little Apple and her stepmother Zhang Ziyi is also very good. Some time ago, Wang Feng posted a video of Zhang Ziyi's birthday on a certain platform.

Wang Feng said to his two daughters outside the mirror: "Come and wish my mother a happy birthday." Little Apple and Xing Xing shouted "Mom, happy birthday" to Zhang Ziyi, who was next to him. Zhang Ziyi was also excited, and the atmosphere was very warm. sweet.

It seems that Zhang Ziyi is very good to Little Apple, and Little Apple likes Zhang Ziyi very much.Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi are both well-known in the entertainment industry, but as the second generation of the stars, Apple has no prestige.

She deliberately wears dark-colored clothes for her friend’s birthday, not to grab her friend’s elegance, and hugs her friend’s waist intimately when taking the photo, which looks very good.

In fact, because of the marriage of Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi, Little Apple has always attracted attention.Now everyone can see that she has a very happy life, and she can rest assured.I hope she can always grow up healthy and happy.

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