Australia – 25 minutes after being vaccinated against the new crown, old man in New York fell to his death in July | Australia Chinatown

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A man in his 70s in New York fell to the ground 7 minutes after receiving the new crown vaccine on the morning of the 25th. Officials pointed out that the man did not have any adverse reactions.English. . .
            纽约一名70多岁老翁7日上午接种完新冠疫苗25分钟后就倒地身亡,官方指出老翁并未出现任何不良反应。<br />

The British "Daily Mail" reported that a 70-year-old man in New York City was in Manhattan's Javits Convention and Exhibition Center (Jacob K.
Javits Convention
Center) was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. When the vaccine was administered for 25 minutes and was about to leave the exhibition center, the old man suddenly fell to the ground. The ambulance staff rushed him to a nearby hospital, but the old man died shortly after arriving in the hospital.

It is not clear whether the old man’s death was related to the vaccination, but New York State Department of Health Director Zhu Ke (Howard
Zucker said that preliminary investigations showed that the old man "has not had any allergic reactions" after the vaccination. He said that the old man stayed at the scene for 15 minutes to observe after the vaccination. "He did not have any adverse reactions or any problems. "

At present, New York officials did not disclose the identity of the old man and which new crown vaccine he was given.

The report pointed out that the new crown vaccine "adverse reaction" (adverse
reaction) is quite rare, and those cases are all related to allergic reactions.However, since the United States began mass vaccination in December 2020, there have been some unexplained deaths. A 12-year-old official from Virginia, Drene
Keyes was unwell after receiving Pfizer's new crown vaccine on the 5th, and passed away less than a day. Local officials pointed out that Keith stayed at the scene for 15 minutes before returning home after receiving the vaccine. Preliminary investigations showed that the cause of death had nothing to do with the vaccine allergic reaction. And there is no evidence that the vaccine caused her death, and the authorities are still investigating the exact cause of death.

In early January, the 1-year-old X-ray radiologist Tim Zucker (Tim) of the South Coast Global Medical Center in California
Zook) received the second dose of Pfizer vaccine, but he developed an obvious allergic reaction a few hours after the vaccination. He reported severe stomach pain and difficulty breathing to his colleague. Later, Zucker's symptoms worsened, and he went to the emergency room with the help of his colleague. , And put on a respirator 2 hours later, Zucker died 4 days later.

The Orange County coroner in California said that the cause of Zucker’s death is inconclusive, and further toxicology tests will take several months to complete.

Regarding Zucker's case, Pfizer said it is paying close attention to related cases and will continue to share information with global regulatory agencies.

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