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Hillhouse Capital reduced its position in approximately 30 stocks during the quarter.






Favorite Chinese stocks

China's stock division is still its most important investment layout.

Among the 95 companies held by Hillhouse, in terms of quantity, China concept stocks account for nearly 30%; from the perspective of market value held, China concept stocks account for more than 60%.

Pinduoduo, BeiGene,, iQiyi, Taibang Bio, Bilibili, etc. have always been the companies held by Hillhouse for a long time.

In the fourth quarter, Hillhouse adjusted the positions of Xiaopeng Motors, Weilai and Ideal Motors.At the PE stage of Hillhouse, it invested in Xiaopeng Motors and subscribed for the ideal car at the time of the IPO. The gains from this position adjustment are expected to be substantial.


Large-scale layout of biomedicine

In Hillhouse Capital’s fixed warehouse portfolio, biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical companies have always been the focus.

Among the 95 companies held by Hillhouse, more than half are in the pharmaceutical and medical field.Among Hillhouse's new and increased holdings in the fourth quarter, 15 are all companies in the biopharmaceutical field.

Among them, Hillhouse has invested 8 consecutive times in BeiGene, ranking the top five heavy stocks in multiple quarters. In the fourth quarter position data, BeiGene's holding market value continues to rank second.

It is understood that Hillhouse Capital has completed the global deployment of biomedicine, medical equipment, medical services, medical expenditures, pharmaceutical retail and other fields, and has invested in more than 200 companies, including more than 100 Chinese companies. Nearly 2000 million yuan.


Betting on technology stocks

In the fourth quarter, Hillhouse continued to invest in cloud computing and hard technology under the corporate service track.

GDS is China's leading high-performance data center development operator at the end of the last four quarters. Hillhouse holds 314 million shares of GDS, and its market value ranks 12th among Hillhouse's holdings.The cloud service Snowflake was also an important configuration for Hillhouse in the four quarters.

In addition, Hillhouse increased its holdings of SEA and Salesforce in the fourth quarter, among which Salesforce has ranked 16th among Hillhouse sub-stock holdings.Public information shows that Salesforce, as a service provider sub-industry of the CRM industry, provides companies with CRM software with higher ease of use, integration, efficiency and visibility.


New energy heavy warehouse logic shift

Hillhouse has invested heavily in photovoltaic and lithium battery companies in the new energy sector such as Longi, Tongwei, CATL, Enjiete and Hong Kong-based Xinyi Energy.




Favor big consumption

Big consumption is another important investment direction of Hillhouse. Hillhouse also holds well-known food, beverage and catering companies in the fourth quarter.The investment map also includes important companies such as Blue Moon, Liangzi Shop, and Bull.

From new-style tea drinks with a unit price of tens of yuan per customer, to e-commerce with trillions of GMV flows, from a delivery network of millions of riders, to just opening a few of his popular Meimei platforms, Hillhouse has already been on the consumer track. Nearly 1000 billion yuan was invested.

In the post-epidemic era, the recovery and restart of consumption has become the top priority of economic development.Hillhouse's consumption investment covers everything from emerging to new consumption models, and is optimistic about how the dual-cycle structure continues to nurture and release emerging consumption potential in China, betting on the people's yearning for a better life.

As of the end of 2020, Hillhouse shares have grown from 2019 companies at the end of 54 to 95 companies, with Shigekura China, Shikura Biomedicine, and Shikura Hard Technology still being its three main lines.

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