Australia-Australian media exposure: The University of Melbourne encourages students to participate in "naked parties"!Students broke the news: "Sex and nudity" has become a kind of campus culture (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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The Herald Sun reported on February 2 that a campus culture at the University of Melbourne encourages nudity, drinking, and sex. Students from the art department of the school are encouraged to accept “collective nudity” at a summer camp in March this year. "activity.





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(Image source: "Herald Sun")




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(Image source: "Herald Sun")



这些活动与定期举行的反性暴力集会同时举行。墨尔本艺术生协会(Melbourne Arts Students Society)的一名发言人表示,艺术夏令营是“一个包罗万象的活动,提供了许多有礼貌、安全、完全可选的活动”。

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(Image source: "Herald Sun")






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