Australia-The Australian model wore too "exposed" on the plane, was forced to change clothes, and posted angrily: If you have a small chest, it will be fine! (Video/Photos) | Chinatown, Australia

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据《每日邮报》2月2日报道,本周一,Isabelle Eleanore搭乘了一趟从黄金海岸飞往墨尔本的捷星航班,在飞机上,她被一名空姐逼着在露脐上衣外,穿上一件高亮背心,事后她在社交媒体上表达了自己的不满。




Isabelle Eleanore(图片来源:《每日邮报》)




On Tuesday, Eleanore posted a follow-up post on her Instagram account, calling the incident a violation of freedom.

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周一,Eleanore的丈夫Jeremy Szwarcbord发帖称:“显然(她的上衣)看起来像比基尼,但没人告诉她,所以她不得不……遮盖住一些。”“起飞前也没告诉我们,现在她看起来就像一个COVID – 19危险分子。”




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