Australia-Australia Chinatown-3 city closures in a year: I can't stand it!Melbourne businessmen demand the resignation of the governor

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Angry!Melbourne businessmen asked the governor to resign, "Who can stand the closure three times in a year?!" In less than a year, Victoria ushered in the third lockdown on Friday, and several popular restaurants are operating in Melbourne. . . .

在不到一年的时间里,本周五,维州迎来了第三次封锁状态,在墨尔本经营着几家热门餐厅的老板Chris Lucas要求州长Daniel Andrews辞职。

据3AW电台2月12日报道,“Chin Chin”和“Hawker Hall”餐厅的老板Lucas告诉3AW电台,封城公告对墨尔本的招待业来说是一场“灾难”。



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他说:“在我看来,Dan Andrews在这件事上难辞其咎,他应该辞职。”

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