Australia-Chinatown Australia-95% of the Australian population can be vaccinated against the mutant strain: can it be done?

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"According to my calculations, we need to vaccinate at least 90% to 95% of the population if we are to fight against the worries of mutant viruses," epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws said at the National Press Club on Wednesday. "If we can't do this, we need to cover at least 85% of the community's population, but I will actually consider vaccinating as much as possible... If someone does not get vaccinated at all, they will have no chance to develop immunity at all."


A quarter of people said that they would refuse or hesitate to vaccinate, indicating that there is a large degree of suspicion in the community.

In the same group as Dr. McLaws are infectious disease experts Robert Booy and Sanjaya Senanayake. They called on the international community to "vaccine altruism" instead of vaccine nationalism. They declared, According to current estimates, the global immunization coverage rate of 6% will not be achieved in at least 75 years.

"Only about 70 countries have begun to vaccinate their populations. According to the current vaccination rate, it is estimated that we will not be able to reach 6% of the global vaccine coverage in about six years. Not one or two years, but six years. "




"It may come from the wild," she said. "With climate change, we may see more diseases in the animal world spread to the human world more frequently. So we really need to respect the climate and our nature."

博伊支持WHO调查人员德怀尔(Dominic Dwyer)的工作,他相信这位澳大利亚教授会给出一份可靠的报告。

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