Australia-Australia Chinatown-Former senior federal government official: Australia's diplomacy urgently needs wisdom to avoid "choice of two"

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曾任澳洲财政部及总理和内阁事务部负责人的帕克森(Martin Parkinson)认为,对于那些激怒了中国的政策,澳洲在沟通方面管理不善,他警告这导致澳洲和自己。。。

曾任澳洲财政部及总理和内阁事务部负责人的帕克森(Martin Parkinson)认为,对于那些激怒了中国的政策,澳洲在沟通方面管理不善,他警告这导致澳洲和自己最大贸易伙伴之间的紧张关系进一步激化。

Paxson said Australia should not simplify the debate about the geopolitical situation in the region, and it is not a matter of choosing between the United States and China.

According to the "Sydney Morning Herald" report, Paxson delivered a speech at the Australian Pension Funds Association on Wednesday, pointing out that the debate on China was reduced to a choice, which is "really dangerous".


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"The question is not whether we have to choose, but how we balance it. I think for Australia, we need to become more sophisticated."

Before Paxson’s remarks, Philip Flood, a former senior Australian diplomat, also said that the Australian government “needs more nuances” to deal with China, and to avoid involvement in the US’s actions against China. Confrontation policy.

The former heads of Australian intelligence services, Dennis Richardson and Allan Gyngell, also warned that the political debate in Australia is further intensifying the deterioration of Australia-China relations.

Paxson, who served as the prime minister and the head of the Cabinet Affairs Department before 2019, pointed out that because the United States has maintained an open channel for dialogue, the election of Biden as the President of the United States has made it more difficult for Australia to manage its relations with China, which also puts Australia in a " Uncomfortable" situation.

"Other countries in our region can hold different views from China but maintain open communication channels."

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