Australia-Australia Chinatown-There was only 1 case of local infection yesterday, and 2 cases today: the Victorian Governor still closed the city at level XNUMX

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周二早上9点,维州新增4例确诊,其中2例为酒店隔离旅客,另2例为本地病例,本地传播依旧是此前已确诊的墨尔本Holiday Inn相关病例的密切接触者。新增确诊场。。。

周二早上9点,维州新增4例确诊,其中2例为酒店隔离旅客,另2例为本地病例,本地传播依旧是此前已确诊的墨尔本Holiday Inn相关病例的密切接触者。


Elite Swimming, Pascoe Vale , 2月8日5pm – 6pm

Woolworths Broadmeadows Central, Broadmeadows ,2月9日12:15pm – 12:30pm

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses, Broadmeadows , 2月9日 12:30pm – 12:45pm

Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre, Pascoe Vale , 2月10日 4pm – 7:30pm

Bonbons Bakery, Broadmeadows Central 2月9日 12.30pm-12.45pm

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He said he hopes to postpone the decision until the number of cases in the next few days becomes clear.

"We have to end the blockade. I know it is painful and brings challenges, but we want to get a full picture of the situation."

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