Australia – Chinatown Australia – Penfolds Australia wines forced out of the Chinese market: knockoff wines are on the shelves

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中国对澳洲葡萄酒实施贸易限制几个月後,中国商店货架上出现了仿冒澳洲知名品牌的葡萄酒。上周日,外媒驻中国记者霍炳宗(Patrick Fok)看到海南超市里有售名为。。。


Last Sunday, Patrick Fok, a foreign media correspondent in China, saw knockoffs called "Penfunils" and "Benfords" sold in Hainan supermarkets, which are very similar to the Australian brand Penfolds.He posted photos of the scene on social media platforms.

Huo Bingzong wrote on the Twitter platform: "This was discovered in Hainan. It must be admitted that I have never seen these Australian trademarks."

It is reported that the bottles of these copycat wines use iconic red and white labels similar to those of genuine Penfolds.

A spokesperson for Treasury Wine Estates, which owns the Penfolds brand, said in an interview with Channel 9 that it is investigating the incident.The company will take any trademark infringement seriously and will continue to protect its brand in markets such as China.


Andreas Clark, President of Wine Australia, said that Australian winemakers are exploring exports to other markets. Among them, exports to Europe increased by 22% to 7.04 million Australian dollars, the highest level in a decade. .

New data from China shows that since Australia-China trade relations have tightened, China's imports of Australian wine have plummeted by about 75%.The impact of China's high tariffs on Australian wine continues to ferment. Some analysts predict that the price of Australian wine will fall sharply.

The high tariffs imposed by China have dealt a heavy blow to Australia's A$450 billion wine industry.The Australian Wine Association's annual report shows that in 2020, the value of Australian wine exports to China will fall to 11.5 billion Australian dollars.

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