Australia – Prime Minister apologizes for Australian ruling party's sexual assault scandal over Parliament Building | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Former media adviser Brittany Higgins is now the T. . .

Former media adviser Brittany Higgins is now
the THIRD Liberal Party staffer to allege she was sexually
assaulted by men in the Liberal Party

— Samantha Maiden (@samanthamaiden)
February 14

Brittany Higgins, former assistant media consultant of the Australian Employment Department

The Liberal Party to which Australian Prime Minister Morrison belongs is currently reporting a sexual assault scandal.A former female employee of the Australian Ministry of Defence revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a colleague two years ago, but the party listed this as a "discipline issue", and she was still discussing the incident with her at the place of the incident.Therefore, the female employee angrily criticized "the senior management did not care about her at all."In response, Australian Prime Minister Morrison (Scott
Morrison) publicly apologized and promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the government workplace culture.

Brittany Higgins, former assistant media consultant of the Australian Employment Department
Higgins) said,She was sexually assaulted by a colleague before March 2019, 3. That night Higgins drank with several colleagues and was sent home by a male colleague, but the man drove the car to the Capitol and the colleague Take her to the Secretary of Defense Reynolds (Linda
Reynolds) is located in the office of Congress.

Higgins said that when she entered the office, she leaned against the window to rest. Later, because of physical discomfort, she lay down beside her. Unexpectedly, when she woke up, she found that the male colleague was sexually assaulting her, even though she struggled. She resisted, but the male colleague ignored him and continued to violate Higgins, even causing bruises on her legs.

Reynolds’ chief of staff summoned Higgins the next day, but instead of asking about the incident of her being sexually assaulted, she said that she continued to stay in the office during non-office hours, violating the security guard’s rules, and the male colleague who committed the crime that night has resigned.On that day, Reynolds' chief of staff warned her with a "code of conduct" and asked her to list the incident as a ethical issue, which is equivalent to forcing her to choose between the police and her career.

Until March 3, the senior management still regarded the matter as a violation of ethics, and Reynolds' chief of staff also elected to discuss the case process with Higgins in the office where the incident occurred, which made Higgins unbelievable.However, because of concerns about her career planning, she officially decided not to call the police.

Until yesterday (15), Higgins again asked the Australian police to start investigating the matter and also involved the Australian ruling party in the matter. Australian Prime Minister Morrison today (16) apologized and said: "That shouldn’t have happened. Therefore, I apologize. I want to ensure that young women working here are as safe as possible.” Morrison also pointed out that he has appointed officials from the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Departments to review the procedures for handling workplace complaints and investigate work. Place culture.

god I understand this fury

"I was sick to my stomach... He's standing next to a woman who has
campaigned for'Let Her Speak' and yet in my mind his government
was complicit in silencing me. It was a betrayal. It was a

- Alex Bruce-Smith (@alexbrucesmith)
February 15

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