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As the impact of China's tariffs is beginning to show, the price of Australian red wine is about to fall.New data from China shows that since the beginning of the trade tensions, China's Australian wine imports have fallen by about 75%.

This article is translated from ABC, only represents the original source and the original author's views, for reference only, and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

Exports have plummeted, prices have fallen... The impact of China's high deposits on Australian wines is beginning to appear.The Australian Broadcasting Corporation website reported on February 2 that the latest data from China showed that since the trade friction between the two countries, the export volume of Australian wine to China has fallen by about 3%.


On November 11 last year, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement ruling that Australian wine was dumped on China, and implemented temporary anti-dumping measures the next day, requiring Australian wine manufacturers to pay deposits ranging from 27% to 107.1%.

The Australian Minister of Agriculture David Littleproud said in a statement that "the Chinese decision is extremely disappointing." "The Australian government firmly denies all allegations of dumping wine against China. China's claims have no basis."

The Australian Wine Authority’s annual report shows that in 2020, the value of Australian wine exports to China has fallen to 11.5 billion Australian dollars.


Data show that China’s Australian wine imports have fallen by about 75% (Image source: ABC)

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the maximum deposit of 212.1% also means that the Chinese market is basically closed to Australian wine.Australian wine manufacturers are also encouraged to develop traditional wine consumer markets in Europe and the United States.

"We must enter those markets again," said Matthew Tydeman, head of Ciatti Australia and grape agent, "but now we must realize that we are competing with Chilean, Spanish and Argentine merchants, whose prices are much lower than Australia."

Tydeman said that the result of fierce competition is that the price of wine will fall, and the price of grapes will also fall. "The demand for white wine seems to be very strong now, and the demand for Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris is high. I expect the price of white wine will remain the same, but if there is a good harvest, the price will easily fall. ."



p style=”text-align: center”> (Image source: ABC)

Restless brewer

Tom Guthrie, owner of Grampians Estate, said that grape growers and winemakers are still uneasy about the decline in trade with China.

"We only export a small amount of wine to China, most of which are winemakers, but larger winemakers have a larger proportion of exports to China." He said, "In the long run, this will affect our profits. Easy to find, especially for small brewers. Now we don’t count on China at all."

"I also feel sorry for the middlemen. We do business with a young Chinese exporter in Melbourne. His business is also under pressure, not just us." He said, "Everyone in the chain has been subjected to purely political influences."

The prospect of tariff reduction is not optimistic

China's investigation into anti-dumping allegations will end in the middle of the year, but brewers say they don't think it will bring much change.

"Bottled wine has basically come to an end. There are still some bulk wines entering the Chinese market, but the number is very small." Tony Battaglene, CEO of the Australian Grape and Wine Authority said, "Bulk wine is very important... which has good profits. , But it will not replace the premium product of bottled wine."

People in the wine industry do not have much hope that tariffs will be reduced or eliminated in the short term.

"I'm not optimistic about this." Battaglene said, "I have not seen any signs of improvement in the relationship, and from my discussions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, they have not seen any signs of easing tensions.


This article is translated from ABC, only represents the original source and the original author's views, for reference only, and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

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