Australia-An Australian man buys steak at Woolies, and it looks bad when he opens it! "$60/kg of meat is like this?" (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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7News reported that customer Malcolm bought a package of steaks at Woolworths, but after opening the package, he was deeply disappointed...

7News reported that customer Malcolm bought a package of steaks at Woolworths, but after opening the package, the whole person is not good...


Malcolm posted on Facebook that the Grass Fed Eye Fillet Steak he bought was priced at nearly A$60/kg, but after opening it, he found that the meat was all shredded.

The customer said that he wanted to buy two steaks in a vacuum-sealed package, but after opening the package, he found that there were six long and thin steaks inside.

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Malcolm said that this buying experience made him very "angry." "I want to buy two whole ribeye steaks, not these minced meat slices, which look like two fish fillets. Woolworths has's disgusting."

In response, a Woolworths spokesperson said: "We are very disappointed in this matter, and we can understand the frustration of customers."

"Obviously, we have not met the expectations of our customers and we need to do better. We have worked with meat processing partners to improve product quality."


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