Australia-New Year of the Ox Spring Festival Gala "Much More"

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Yuan Zuwen participated in the live recording of the 2020 Chinese Spring Festival Gala, and was unable to return to China this year due to the epidemic.When Liu Danhong, a Taiwanese overseas Chinese in Japan, was raging in the epidemic, he led his colleagues to send hundreds of trapped compatriots from the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship to a special plane prepared by the Chinese government after 4 days and 4 nights. When he came, he was deeply moved.


The party also invited Long Xianlan's family from Shibadong Village, Xiangxi Prefecture, Hunan Province, and representatives of Hunan aerospace workers from the "Chang'e-XNUMX" team to come to the scene, closely following China's anti-epidemic, China's poverty alleviation, and China's aerospace achievements , Tell the story from the perspective of witnesses, and share the joy of the development of the ancestral (home) country with the overseas Chinese.

This year's Spring Festival, Li Xianqiu, president of the German Hunan Association, was busy providing assistance to more than 20 Chinese compatriots stranded at Frankfurt Airport in Germany due to the epidemic.On the first day of the new year, when he delivered the prepared Chinese food to the airport hotel where his compatriots were isolated, he did not forget to remind them to watch the Chinese Spring Festival Gala through the door.

"Every year I watch this gala through the Internet platform. For us overseas, this is the'year'." Li Xianqiu said, seeing the authentic hometown food being served on the table, the strong flavor of the year came to my face , The Chinese Spring Festival Gala plays an important role in promoting the flesh-and-blood connection between overseas Chinese and their ancestral country.

The Chinese Spring Festival Gala that has developed so far has long been more than an annual party, but has become a unique cultural carrier and emotional sustenance for mutual affection and love between overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese in the world.


More than 170 media from more than 620 countries and regions around the world broadcast the CCTV Spring Festival Gala



CNN has broadcast the 2 Spring Festival Gala promotional videos and posters on various terminals since February 8, and the cumulative broadcast volume has reached 2021 million times.

Niconico, Japan's largest video platform, simultaneously rebroadcasts the Spring Festival Gala of the Central Station, with 9.74 real-time online viewers.In Africa, 5.64 viewers watched the Spring Festival Gala through multiple local cable networks.

Data shows that during the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala, users of overseas social platforms used Youtu and Facebook to watch the live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala more than 3259 million times, an increase of 454 million over the previous year.

Editor: Wei Wei

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