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Last night, a 64-year-old man became ill while driving and crashed into the front of the Perth Children’s Hospital, causing serious injuries to a child in the car.This Hyundai ix35 had an accident at 8:20 last night and a glass curtain wall hit the car.The scene is messy, the doctor in the hospital. . .Australia Chinatown
                ,64岁男子驾车时发病,撞上了珀斯儿童医院的前部,造成车中一名儿童重伤。<br />

This Hyundai ix35 had an accident at 8:20 last night and a glass curtain wall hit the car.

The scene was chaotic, and medical staff from the hospital ran out to treat the child and the driver.

It is reported that both of them are in serious condition.The injured child has already undergone surgery.

The accident site was only a few meters from the main entrance to the emergency department.

The Hyundai has been towed away.The car accident caused serious damage to the front of the hospital. … ital-ng-b881793457z

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