Australia-Up to 30 houses destroyed by uncontrolled wildfires in northeast Perth-Australia Chinatown

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SBS reported on the 2nd that the wildfire burned up to 60 kilometers and raged near the mountain city of Woorolooo at night, then spread westward to the coastal plain of the city and threatened houses in the northern suburbs.At present, the wildfire has destroyed as many as 30 houses, and relevant agencies are checking whether anyone has died in the severely affected area.

It is reported that Jenni Stanton, 59, received a text message at 2 o'clock in the morning telling her to evacuate from her home in The Vines, which is about 1 km away from the wildfire scene.But Stanton and her husband decided to stay where they were, because the roads in the rural suburbs north of Perth were crowded.

同时,相关机构在布朗公园(Brown Park)设立了疏散中心。据悉,21岁的鲁特(Kira Rutter)在凌晨3时逃离她在Ellenbrook的家,来到布朗公园。鲁特称,疏散中心有300人。“每个人都戴着口罩,保持社交距离,我们现在是一个非常受支持的小社区。但我现在有点担心,燃烧烟雾已经开始到达这里了。”(元纯灵编译)

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