Australia-Bannon: The Democrats will "forever discredit" Trump with "convincing" reasons | Australia Chinatown

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Steve Bannon, the former chief strategist of the White House, who approved a full pardon before the departure of US President Trump, made a statement. . .

Bannon recently stated that the upcoming Senate impeachment trial is not optimistic for his "former boss".Bannon believes that the Democrats will use the opportunity to "smear Trump forever."

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Insider reported on the 6th that Bannon predicted to the media that the Democratic Party would have a very "sensible" and "convincing" reason to "convict" Trump.Bannon pointed out that the Senate needs more than two-thirds of the votes to convict Trump, and this has never happened before, so it is unlikely that Trump will be successfully impeached in the Senate.However, Bannon believes that the "court of public opinion" will convict Trump of "sedition" on January 1th, "they () Will try to convict him (Trump) in front of the American people and discredit him forever."

Trump's Senate impeachment trial is scheduled to start in the week of February 2.According to previous reports, the U.S. House of Representatives accused Trump of "seditioning insurrection" in connection with the violent attack on the Capitol on January 8, and accused him of "serious crimes and misconduct."
crimes and misdemeanors) to submit an impeachment draft to the Senate.

Although the main focus of the impeachment trial will be on the "sedition" on January 1, Bannon suggested that Trump's legal team should turn to discuss allegations of election fraud. "He (Trump) will not be convicted, and we must resolve the issue on November 6, 2020 (the US election day). The Senate is the best place to resolve this issue," Bannon said.

However, the burden of proposing these arguments will fall on Trump's lawyers.According to previous reports, the House Impeachment Committee had asked Trump to testify under oath, but it was rejected.

It is worth mentioning that ABC News Australia reported that Bannon was accused in 2020 of defrauding hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters in an event that raised more than $2500 million to help build the US-Mexico border wall.Although he has been pardoned by Trump, he may face legal problems now. New York State courts are still investigating Bannon on the matter. The presidential pardon is only for crimes at the federal level and cannot help Bannon at the state level.

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