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Kobe Bryant's air crash investigation results announced, the pilot flew into the clouds before the crash

网易娱乐2月10日报道 当地时间2月9日,美国国家运输安全委员会(NTSB)公布篮球巨星科比·布莱恩特坠机事故调查结果。50岁的飞行员阿拉·佐巴扬在坠机前做了一个飞入云层的错误决定,造成“空间定向障碍”,并在迷雾中迷失方向。

The investigator stated that Zobayan performed the flight in accordance with the visual flight rules. Although he was "forbidden by law" to fly into the clouds, he did so.


噩耗!科比因坠机去世 汪峰陈赫等明星痛悼

噩耗!科比因坠机去世 汪峰陈赫等明星痛悼

据媒体报道,当天科比布莱恩特是与其他4人一起乘坐直升机,结果不幸遇难,科比的13岁二女儿INA Bryant也在这场坠机事故中丧生 。据媒体报道,直升机最后是坠落在了半山腰中,当时科比正准备带着女儿去附近的曼巴学院训练。

噩耗!科比因坠机去世 汪峰陈赫等明星痛悼

The scene of the search and rescue scene was also exposed at the same time, and many fire trucks were busy at the scene.

泪目!科比离世九个月 小女儿光脚抱着照片喊爸爸


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