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US DoJ says man in North Carolina charged with t. . .

US DoJ says man in North Carolina charged
with threatening Biden

— Reuters Legal (@ReutersLegal)
February 12

A 27-year-old man from North Carolina in the United States called the White House several times this year to threaten to kill President Biden and Secret Service agents, cursing "I want to kill the President, I want to kill the Secret Service" and "Take your head He was arrested on February 2th and is currently in prison.

The New York Post reported that the 27-year-old man Reeves (David Kyle
Reeves) made multiple phone threats from late January to early February this year. According to court documents, he yelled at the White House switchboard operator on January 1, "I will kill you all" and "Go to the White House of XX." , "I want to chop off your heads", causing safety concerns.

A few days later, the Secret Service sent a call to contact Reeves, but he only said that he was exercising his right to freedom of speech and insisted that he had done nothing wrong.But only a few minutes later, Reeves called back again to reveal his murderous intentions, bluntly saying that he would take action as long as he had a car, gun, and security clearance to enter the White House.Federal prosecutors pointed out that Reeves later called the White House and yelled at the operator "I want to kill everyone because I can do it" and "I want to kill the president and destroy the Secret Service because this planet is mine. of".

It is now known that Reeves has a number of criminal convictions, including domestic violence and terrorist threats. He was arrested on February 2 and is currently detained in Mecklenburg County Prison. Once convicted of threatening the president, he will face up to 5 years. Imprisonment and a fine of $5.

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