Australia-14 locations in Melbourne were listed as risk sites after the man was diagnosed, the action trajectory map announced!Australian media: He is so busy (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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(Picture source: "Times")






(Picture source: "Times")

该名男子上周五下班后,在晚上11点去到了Russell St的Exford Hotel,在那里待了35分钟。

在那之后,他去了Spencer St的Kebab Kingz吃烤串。

他的周六开始得有点晚,从下午2点36分开始,那个时候,他去参加了Noble Park的乡村消防队的社交活动,直到下午3点30。

在那之后,他在晚上10点去了Aces Sporting Club,打高尔夫球。晚上11点15分之后他的行程结束。

他的周日从在Brighton的North Point Cafe吃早餐开始,时间为早上8点10到9点30。


不到1个小时的时间里,他去了14公里外的另外一家Kmart——位于Brandon Park商场的Kmart。


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p style=”text-align: center”>(图片来源:《时代报》)

他的周一从上午11点15分到12点去Nakama Workshop——一家专门修理本田S2000跑车的工作室开始。


下午的5点到5点45,他还去了Moorabbin DFO的Lululemon奥特莱斯购物。然后再去Melbourne Golf Academy打高尔夫球,下午6点35分结束。

最后,他去了Springvale的Woolworths ,然后在Sharetea喝了一杯啤酒,当天在7点30分结束。




Topic: The spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Australia enters the topic >>

Latest: Sydney childcare center closed urgently and employees are being tested for suspected illness (photo)

Update: Doctor Huang has apologized | insisting on "Wuhan pneumonia", the Australian Chinese District Clinic was accused of offending!The front desk responded to reporters: "Isn't it? Get out!"

Rolling update: Morrison announces XNUMX billion subsidies to Australian stocks, the NSW government considers closing Bunnings

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