Australia-International students "jump in line to return to Australia"?The Federal Government "opens the back door" for international students to provoke dissatisfaction-Chinatown Australia

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During the epidemic, more than 1000 international students have been allowed to "jump in queue" to enter Australia, while as many as 4 Australians are still stranded overseas.Such actions by the federal government also caused dissatisfaction.



《先驱太阳报》13日报道,自8月初以来,澳洲边防局已批准1050名别国国民免受澳洲国际旅行禁令的限制。联邦反对派抨击了这一决定,称澳洲总理莫里森(Scott Morrison)应该优先考虑4万名滞留在海外的澳洲民众。工党参议员肯尼利(Kristina Keneally)说:“如果莫里森从疫情一开始就实施国家隔离计划,澳洲就有能力安全地欢迎留学生,而不会以牺牲滞留澳洲民众的利益为代价,让留学生和商业投资者签证持有者插队进入澳洲。”

A spokesperson for the Australian Border Guard said that those seeking exemptions must provide "convincing evidence" and meet the exemption category.For example, a student visa holder must study medicine, dentistry, nursing or related health majors, and have the last two years of study remaining.These students must also be internships in hospitals or medical practice in Australia within the next two months.Phil Honeywood, chief executive of the International Education Association of Australia, welcomed the limited travel exemption.Honeywood said: "Whether in terms of travel or in obtaining exemptions, we are still far behind competing countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand."

而在上周,联邦教育部长塔奇(Alan Tudge)被问及是否可以让留学生来澳一事,他回答道:“作为一个国民政府,我们的首要任务是让滞留海外的澳洲民众回国。”他目前也没有对此事做出任何回应。(魏惟编译)

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