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                        中新网2月2日电综合报道,在美国深陷新冠疫情泥潭之际,当地时间2月1日,冬季风暴又席卷东海岸地区,带来暴风雪和恶劣天气,纽约州44县进入紧急状态,19个州正处于冬季风暴警告之下,美国总统拜登也因恶劣天气取消了原定1日的外交政策演讲。此外,受暴风雪影响,全国范围内上千次航班被取消,多地新冠疫苗接种点被迫关闭。</p><p style="text-align: center"><img src="" title="66244d1cc3e5e9a90051490652ea2408.jpg" alt="66244d1cc3e5e9a90051490652ea2408.jpg" />


44 places in New York State enter a state of emergency

Biden postpones foreign policy speech


In addition, New York Governor Cuomo also announced on the 1st that 44 counties including New York City, Hudson Valley and Long Island have entered a state of emergency.The governor also issued a warning to passengers and commuters that ground subway services, as well as some services of LIRR and Metro-North, may be severely delayed or interrupted on the afternoon of the 1st.

In addition, if the snowfall reaches the expected two to three inches per hour, the Long Island Expressway, I-84 and some other major roads may face travel bans.The government urges New York residents to avoid all unnecessary travel.

New Jersey also ushered in heavy snowfall. The governor of the state, Phil Murphy, held a press conference, saying that because the weather would be "very bad", he called on residents to stay home during the storm.

Due to the severe weather brought by the winter storm, US President Biden's foreign policy speech originally scheduled for that day was also postponed to later this week.White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki also stated that the president will “ensure close coordination among federal, state, and local officials in preparing for and responding to weather emergencies.”

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Thousands of flights cancelled due to Blizzard

Airlines offer exemptions for refunds and changes

In addition, because the snowstorm has caused serious obstacles to the traffic in the northeast, thousands of flights have been cancelled. Many airlines have provided exemptions for refunds and changes for passengers who booked flights on the 1st and 2nd.

The continuous heavy snow caused the closure of New York City's LaGuardia Airport on the 1st and cancellation of all more than 200 commercial flights.The New York City Emergency Management Department also announced on the afternoon of the 1st that all flights at JFK International Airport on the 1st were cancelled.

According to FlightAware, at least 1 flights have been cancelled nationwide on the 1640st, and 2 flights have been cancelled on the 440nd.

Airlines issued exemptions for refunds and changes and cancelled flights on their own initiative so that they would not strand passengers and aircraft.The destinations, travel dates, and other details covered by the exemption vary from airline to airline and may vary with the expected path and severity of the storm.

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p style=”text-align: center”>当地时间1月31日,在美国华盛顿国家购物中心,民众在拍坐在长椅上的雪人的照片。

19 states under winter storm warning

Close vaccination points in many places

From Georgia to Maine, 19 states are currently under warning of winter storms.

The blizzard that swept across the east coast during the epidemic also forced the closure of new crown vaccination sites in many areas from Pennsylvania to New England.

All vaccinations in New York City were suspended on the 1st, and vaccination appointments are being rescheduled, including the large vaccination spot at the Javits Convention Center in Manhattan.New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said that the vaccination originally scheduled for the 2nd will also be cancelled.

New Jersey also closed the large-scale vaccination site of the MetLife Stadium on the 1st and rescheduled the vaccine appointment time later this week.

In addition to New York and New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island and Virginia have also suspended vaccination.


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