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在首批辉瑞疫苗抵达悉尼后,澳大利亚的新冠疫苗接种将从下周正式开始。 周一,澳大利亚卫生部长Greg Hunt在堪培拉对记者表示:“鹰已经降落。” 超过14.2万。。。澳洲唐人街
                在首批辉瑞疫苗抵达悉尼后,澳大利亚的新冠疫苗接种将从下周正式开始。 <br />

周一,澳大利亚卫生部长Greg Hunt在堪培拉对记者表示:“鹰已经降落。”


Hunt pointed out that 8 doses of the first batch of vaccines will be distributed as the first of the two doses, and the rest will be reserved for the second dose.


The hotel’s quarantine personnel are considered the highest priority because they are now the biggest hidden danger of bringing the virus in quarantine into the community.

The federal government will also provide approximately 3 doses of vaccine to elderly care centers.

Prime Minister Morrison will be the first batch of public vaccinations to increase public confidence in the new crown vaccination.

Pfizer vaccine will be vaccinated through hospital centers across Australia, and it will also be provided to aged care centers and disability care centers.

Since vaccines need to be stored at a low temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius, logistics company DHL will use portable freezers to distribute vaccines across the country.

Hunt also said that the first batch of vaccines AstraZeneca produced locally in Australia is on the way.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is still waiting for final approval from the Medical Supplies Administration.


Hunt said that he would get the AstraZeneca vaccine if possible, and urged the public to trust the assessment of the medical regulatory agency and believe in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

He said: "This is a free country that allows people to have different voices."

"But please build confidence in the vaccine. If you have confidence, you will be vaccinated. If you are vaccinated, you will have protection. If you have protection, you will have more freedom."

工党主管卫生的发言人Mark Butler表示,现任政府还没有回答有关首批接种的很多问题。


Australia has secured a total of more than 1.5 million doses of various new crown vaccines.


Australia is also a member of the international COVAX organization, which provides a series of vaccines for up to half of the world's population.

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