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COVID-XNUMX vaccination continues to advance in the United States — Voice of America Chinese website (@...

New crown vaccination continues to advance in the United States

— Voice of America Chinese Network (@VOAChinese)
February 9

The new crown vaccination work continues to advance throughout the United States.President Biden said,
He is confident that he will complete the vaccination target of XNUMX million people before the summer.Facing the potential threat of the new coronavirus variants, how to complete the mass vaccination of the vaccine before its spread has become a challenge in the fight against the epidemic in the United States.

"I think this is a collaboration between the federal government and the state government,
With the help of private companies, we can vaccinate more people faster before the virus, instead of falling behind.We are optimistic,
There is sufficient vaccine supply to vaccinate 3 million people by summer, including two doses.At least this is our hope. "

There was a discussion before that, because the vaccine can work after the first dose of vaccination, more limited vaccines should be used for those who receive the first dose of vaccination.Dr. Foch, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, emphasized the importance of the second dose at a press conference on Monday.

Fuchs, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said: "The theory that only one dose of vaccine may cause trouble is that if you get less than the best results, the way the virus responds to stress may make you unintentionally choose. More virus mutations. For this reason, we will continue to follow reality,
We think the best way is to get more people to get the first dose while also ensuring that people get the second dose on time. "

The new coronavirus variant brings more uncertainty to the epidemic.How to complete the vaccination work before the spread of the virus variant has become a challenge for all states in the United States.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said: "Basically, this is a race between a vaccine and a variant virus. We are very eager to vaccinate more people’s arms so that people can be safe before the variant virus may spread. "In California, where the epidemic is severe, the distribution of vaccines promotes efficiency while also focusing on fairness.Many low-income communities use local sports venues and other facilities to transform them into temporary vaccination sites to serve the community, including vaccinations for ethnic minority residents over 65.

Retired nurse Diane Jones said: "Many people, because they are old, because they are vulnerable, because they have no documents, they are afraid to deal with the government because of immigration issues, and they dare not leave the community. So these are in the community vaccination sites. Very important."

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