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Recently, the Household Administration Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security of China released the 2020 National Name Report. The name of "Boom" for newborns in 2020. . .
            近日,中国公安部户政管理研究中心发布 2020 年全国姓名报告。2020 年新生儿 " 爆款 "

What are the names?What's the change in the ranking of Baijia surnames?What are the 10 most used names in different eras?Let's see it together.

How has the ranking of "Baijiaxing" changed?

Ranked by the number of registered population, the number of "Hundred Family Names" in 2020 has not changed much compared with 2019."Wang"" Lee"" Zhang
""Liu""Chen" is still in the top five,
The total population of the five surnames accounted for 30.8% of the total registered population in the country.

As of December 2020, 12, a total of 31 million newborns were born in 2020 who have registered with the public security organs, including boys
529.0 million, accounting for 52.7%, girls 474.5 million, accounting for 47.3%.

In the "Hundred Family Surnames" in 2020, the registered surnames of newbornsThe most is"Lee
Of 72.6 ;The least is"Gu",only
1.7 people.

"Ouyang" is the first surname

Currently,"Ouyang" is the number one surname, with 111.2 million people.Other common number of repeated surnames is: "Shangguan" 8.8
6.4 people, "Huangfu" 5.5 people, "Linghu" 4.8 people, "Zhuge" 4.7 people, "Situ" 2.3 people, "Sima" XNUMX people
1.9 people, "Shentu" 1.1 people, "Xiahou" 1.0 people, "Helan" 0.6 people, "Wanyan" 0.5 people, "Murong" XNUMX
Ten thousand people, "Yuchi" 0.4 thousand people, "Longsun" 0.3 thousand people.

The ratio of mother's surname to father's surname is 1:12

Our country’s surnames have been formed in the course of thousands of years of historical evolution and national cultural accumulation.
However, with the changes in people’s thinking and concepts, the number of children following their mother’s surname has increased, and those with grandparents’ surnames and maternal grandparents’ surnames have frequently appeared.From 2020
According to the selection of the surnames of the newborns, the ratio of the surnames of the mother and father is 1:12.

What are the names of "Boom"?

Among the names of newborns who were born in 2020 and have registered their household registration, the 50 most frequently used characters are "Zi", "子", "Yu", "Chen""
"Yi" etc. Compared with 2019, the words "Yue", "Yi", "Xin" and "Ke" are favored by parents of newborns.

The most used name among male newborns: Yi Chen

Among male newborns who were born in 2020 and have registered their household registration, the 10 most frequently used names are: "Yichen", "Yuxuan", "Haoyu""
"Yichen"" Yuchen"" Zimo""Yuhang""Haoran""Zihao""Yichen".

Compared with 2019,"Yi Chen" was shortlisted for the first time and topped the list, Becoming the first choice for parents of male newborns," Yichen
""Yuchen""Yichen" also entered the top ten.

The most used name for female newborns: Yinuo

Among female newborns who were born in 2020 and have registered their household registration, the 10 most frequently used names are: "Yinuo", "Yinuo", "Xinyi""
Zi Han "" Yu Tong "" Xin Yan "" Ke Xin "" Yu Xi "" Yu Tong "" Mengyao".

Compared with 2019,"Yinuo", "Yinuo", "Xinyi" still ranked top three"Yutong"" Kexin
"" Yuxi "" Mengyao" entered the top ten.

Most used in different ages

What are the 10 names?

When New China was founded, in order to commemorate this significant historical moment, many men named"Jianguo"" Jianhua
, Many women choose"English" "Lan";

In the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, in the names"Military"" Yong""British""Li
Etc. are more common, and the continuity of the times is more prominent;

In the XNUMXs, many names were used"Wei"" Lei""Quiet"" Li
, Reflecting people’s pursuit of simplicity, peace and simplicity in life;

The name of the XNUMXs was infused with elegant cultural elements,"Jie"" Hao"" Ting"" Snow
More words are used;

After entering the 21th century,"Tao" "Hao Yu" "Hao Ran" "Ting" "Xin Yi" "Zi Han"Wait"
The name "Literary Faner" is very popular.

Changes in the length of name in different years

From different ages, three-character names have always dominated the mainstream.Currently, three-character names account for more than 90%, and the proportion of two-character names has decreased to 6.3%.

Although the number of people using four-character and other-character names is relatively small, they have been increasing, from 0.3% and 0.4% in the 1.6s to XNUMX% and XNUMX%.

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