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The NSW Gaming Regulatory Authority officially notified Crown Entertainment that it is no longer suitable to hold a license for the new Sydney casino.In an ASX statement issued this morning, Crown stated that it had been notified of the decision and was also found to have violated NSW gaming regulations. . .Australia Chinatown
                新州博彩监管局正式通知皇冠娱乐不再适合持有悉尼新赌场的执照。<br />

In an ASX statement issued this morning, Crown stated that it had been notified of the decision and was also found to have violated a regulation in the NSW gaming regulations.

It said it has started a consultation process with the Independent Liquor and Gaming Administration (ILGA).

The company will get an opportunity to resolve the violations in order to open a casino in Barangaroo in the future.

After a year-long investigation conducted by ILGA, a stern report by Special Commissioner Patricia Bergin last week stated that Crown is no longer suitable for holding a gaming license.

In the week after the report was released, there were several high-level shocks at the Crown, including the resignations of CEO Ken Barton and non-executive director Andrew Demetriou.

Two directors Guy Jalland and Michael Johnston have also resigned.

Chairman Helen Coonan promised to "completely" rectify the company, but did not give specific implementation details.

She said in a statement last week: "The commissioner has discovered a series of serious behavioral, cultural and compliance issues that are clearly inconsistent with our values."

"I accept that the criticism is well-founded, and I once again apologize for these deficiencies without reservation."

"Although we have taken some important measures to improve management, compliance and culture, I admit that from the Special Commissioner's report, we still have a lot to do."

The hotel, bar and restaurant in Barangaroo’s 22 billion crown building opened in December, but the casino’s license has not been resolved. … ney-casino/13158434

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