Australia-Peruvian officials rob China of vaccine scandal 2 Minister throws away his black hat | Australia Chinatown

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Peruvian officials rushed to vaccinate the Chinese before the people and caused an uproar. Now the scandal is getting bigger and bigger. Following the approval of the Minister of Health and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Aste, he announced his resignation tonight.

Former President Biscala (Martin
Vizcarra previously broke out early vaccination against COVID-2019 developed by Sinopharm, The current President Sagasti (Francisco
Sagasti yesterday announced the acceptance of the resignation of Health Minister Pilar Mazzetti.

Biscala, who was ousted by the Congress for corruption in November last year, said that he did not jump in the line for vaccination and that the beating was only part of an experiment; however, this statement was not accepted by the media.

Elizabeth took over as foreign minister in November last year.
Astete said today that she received the vaccine trial at Cayetano Heredia University (Cayetano Heredia) on January 1.

The Peruvian government announced in early January that it had reached an agreement with Sinopharm to purchase 1 million doses of vaccine.

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