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突发:维州将封锁5天。 维州州长安德鲁斯宣布将封锁5天来应对Holiday Inn隔离酒店的集群爆发。 这个“断路器”行动将从今晚11点59分直到周三。 维州人将只有4。。。澳洲唐人街
                突发:维州将封锁5天。<br />

Victorian Premier Andrews announced that it will be blocked for 5 days to deal with the cluster outbreak of Holiday Inn quarantined hotels.

This one""The action will be from 11:59 tonight until Wednesday.

Victorians will only have 4 reasons to go out: purchase basic items, see a doctor and care, exercise and basic work.

Exercise and shopping will be limited to within 5 kilometers of home.

Masks are required both outdoors and indoors, and visitors are not allowed to visit the family. … -melbourne/13146258

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