Australia-Chinese female scientist jailed for two and a half years for stealing trade secrets from the Academy of Fine Arts | Australia Chinatown

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The U.S. Department of Justice issued a statement on February 2 stating that the 1-year-old Ohio Chinese scientist Chen Li (transliteration) conspired to steal exosomes (exos...
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The US Department of Justice issued a statement on February 2 stating that the 1-year-old Ohio Chinese scientist Chen Li (transliteration) conspired to steal trade secrets related to exosomes, which involved the research, identification and treatment of a series of pediatric diseases. Sentenced to 47 months in prison.


The court documents stated that Chen Li conspired to steal commercial secrets and gain profits by manufacturing and selling exosomes "isolation kits", and also admitted that companies established in China sold these kits and then profited from them.Chen Li also received benefits from China's State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs and China's National Natural Science Foundation, and participated in many Chinese talent program projects.

Federal Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, David M.
DeVillers) said, “Chen and her husband implemented a plan in a few years to set up a business in China to steal American research and profit from it. Chen willingly participated in the Chinese government’s long-term efforts to steal American intellectual property rights. She should spend some time in federal prison."

Alan E. Kohler, Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI
Jr) said, “The most important mission of a hospital is to help people live longer and healthier. However, the defendant’s mission is to steal trade secrets and create a company in China to make money using these stolen trade secrets.” He said, "The FBI will not stop identifying those who steal technology for their own economic interests or the interests of foreign governments."

It is reported that Chen Li agreed to pay approximately US$125 million, including 50 shares of Avalon GloboCare
Corp. common stock and 400 shares of GenExosome Technologies
Inc.’s common stock.As part of the verdict, she was ordered to pay $260 million in damages.Chen Li and his wife were arrested in California in July 2019, and their case was unblocked when they appeared in the federal court in Columbus in August 7.Zhou Yu has also pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

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