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Recently discovered a large-scale hacking technique targeting important US technology companies and government agencies is extremely sophisticated, almost

This article is reproduced from the New York Times Chinese website. It only represents the original source and the original author’s views. It is for reference only and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

A recently discovered large-scale hacking technique targeting important US technology companies and government agencies was extremely sophisticated, almost certainly by Russia, which put the newly appointed Biden team into a real dilemma: when and how should they be Respond in this way, even, do you want to respond?I have great sympathy for this-because Vladimir(Vladimir Putin) has become a toxic ex-boyfriend in the United States.


There was a time when Russia—the former core of the Soviet Union (with twice the population of Russia under Putin)—was very important to us.It once threatened to conquer all of Europe and spread communism to the world.It was the Cold War era.That era is long gone.Today, our most important global competitor is China.

Putin is not very important to us at all.He was the boss of the Moscow Mafia who instigated his agents to try to kill the anti-corruption activist Aleksei Navalny by sprinkling the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok on On the crotch of his panties.This is not made up by me!Russia once brought Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Dostoevsky, Sakharov and Solzhenitsyn to the world.Putin's Russian deeds have brought toxic panties to the world.

But in order to distract the people from corruption and maintain control of power, Putin regards himself as the great defender of the Russian motherland and its Orthodox culture, resisting those atheistic and homosexual Westerners.And, in order to show his importance-in the eyes of himself and the Russians-he has been pestering us.He interfered in our elections, hacked our company, and at the same time triumphantly denied all this, and thought to so many Americans that he was responsible for supporting Donald.(Donald Trump) enjoy the view of being president.

For American strategists, this is a new strategic issue—how to deal with geopolitical stalkers?How to deal with a Russian leader who is not a superpower but a super squirt, a former suitor who is unwilling to accept rejection: "Vlad, we are not interested in you. We are dating someone, such as China. If possible, We will apply to the court for a restraining order to limit you to 5000 miles away."

To be sure, Putin still controls dangerous nuclear missiles.I am very happy that he and President Biden agreed last week to extend the expiring new strategic arms reduction treaty.Moreover, as we have just seen from the hacking that has a great impact on the company and the government, his network technology capabilities are very strong.

But all this conceals a country that has no vitality at all.In the real world, countries prosper by producing things that others want to buy. Putin’s top seven exports are: oil and natural gas (52%), iron, precious metals, machine tools and computers (2.1%), wood, fertilizer , And grains.

For a country with so many talents, this is sad.Russia today is a Tsarist economy with a space station-a Dr. Zhivago with nuclear missiles and hackers.At the same time, scientists who fled Russia have turned Israel and Silicon Valley into technological superpowers.Although Russia's new crown vaccine has achieved rare success, it is difficult to mass produce.

When was the last time you bought a computer, smartphone or mobile app from a Russian company?Russian car?Russian watch?Commercial aircraft made in Russia?I would rather take a bus than a Russian plane.The only Russian exports that are attractive to Westerners are caviar, vodka and matryoshka-and our needs for these three items have been satisfied.

Why is that?Because Putin trusts things that emerge from the underground more than things that may emerge from the minds of his people.Therefore, he established an oil dictatorship driven by natural resources rather than human resources.He then used cash to lubricate the engine of corruption that kept him and his cronies in power, while depriving young people of the tools and freedom to truly realize their full potential.

So, Vlad, you hacked into our company.Tell me, what do you want to do?You will not invade us.Your system of government—rule by thieves—makes your people hate, let alone foreigners.Of course we are not interested in invading you.And what will you do with all these stolen credit card numbers?A big purchase on Amazon? ("Bring me 800 million diapers, 3000 million rolls of toilet paper, and 400 million men's underwear.")

The fact is that in the United States, everything worth stealing is under people's eyes.Our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, free and fair elections, the judiciary that supports independent elections—even if the incumbent loses—and our independent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).But Putin does not want these. (This is also good, because we can't control it ourselves-but this is the topic of another column.)

So, how does Biden deal with this geopolitical stalker?Answer: Low-cost military deterrence and a large amount of diplomacy firmly support Navalny's anti-corruption campaign.Tell Putin: "Our previous president was with you. And now, we are with your people. Good luck."

In terms of deterrence, Russian expert Leon Aron, author of "Boris Yeltsin: A Revolutionary Life" (Boris Yeltsin: A Revolutionary Life), told me that since Crimea was annexed in 2014, Putin resorted to "military patriotism, anti-Americanism, and restoring the glory of the superpower Soviet Union" to restore the loyalty and support of his citizens.

Aron said that we should now guard against similar attempts to annex Crimea. This attempt is to "occupy and annex the Russian border area with the majority of the Russian population, most likely Estonia or Latvia, in order to rekindle Russia’s patriotism. Passionate and expose NATO's paper tiger essence".

He also said, in other words, Biden might as well retract Trump's order to withdraw about one-third of the US troops in Germany at this time and strengthen the power of the Baltic NATO member states Estonia and Latvia.

Regarding anti-corruption, last week, I had a Zoom call with Vladimir Ashurkov, the head of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation.Ashurkov, who lives in London, shared with me a letter just sent to Biden, urging him to impose sanctions on 35 Russians. He claimed that they had reported to Putin’s “mistresses and their parents and Putin’s children”. Provide yachts, apartments, and arrange multi-million-dollar jobs for these people in companies they control."

Ashurkov said that our current economic sanctions are too scattered.By banning these 35 people from traveling to the West and laundering money there, we will put pressure on key people who can put pressure on Putin.

Navalny’s threat to Putin is so great — it was this threat that caused Putin to put him in prison again on Tuesday and sentence him to two and a half years in prison — because although he is a Russian nationalist like Putin, His campaign focused on Putin's large-scale corruption.In court, Navalny called Putin a "thief in the bunker."

This resonated widely in Russia, partly because Navalny’s foundation recently released a video that showed a $17 billion palace as luxurious as the Palace of Versailles, which is said to be Putin’s own life in the Black Sea. Built.The video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

Putin denied that he was the owner (a close friend of his claimed that the palace was his) and called the video "boring."I hope the White House will post this link twice a day.

At the same time, please don’t forget that Biden’s climate/green energy policy also constitutes a huge deterrent, and it is a win-win situation for us: for every additional GW of American clean energy, Putin’s oil and natural gas will further depreciate, and the US environment Then become healthier.

Finally, Biden can send Putin the last deterrent message-reminding him that his idiot Trump has gone: "Vlad, if all the computers in the Kremlin go down one day, the red square PA "Born in the USA" (Born in the USA) is playing loudly in the device. That is a warm reminder from the US Cyber ​​Command. If we think you are really important, we will deal with you like this."

This article is reproduced from the New York Times Chinese website. It only represents the original source and the original author’s views. It is for reference only and does not represent the attitude and position of this website.

Reprint Statement: This article is reprinted and published, which only represents the attitude of the original author or the original platform, and does not represent our views.Only an information publishing platform is provided, and the article may be appropriately deleted.Contact the original author who has objections and requests for deletion.

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