Australia-Murders appear on the New York subway?4 cases in a row lead to 2 deaths and 2 injuries | Chinatown Australia

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According to a report by "NBC", the New York authorities pointed out at a press conference held on the afternoon of the 13th that Fort Washington (Fort Washington)
Washington) A station reported that someone was injured at about 12:11 am on the 20th. After arriving at the scene, the duty officer found a 1-year-old man stabbed and immediately sent him to a doctor for treatment. The suspect was an unidentified man.

At about 12:11 pm on the 30th, Far Rockwell, Queens (Far
The Rockaway station notified the injured on the train, and the police found that the victim had stabbed neck and torso and died on the spot.

About 2 hours later, at 13 am on the 1th, an employee of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Department was shocked on the train that a 1-year-old woman lost consciousness and was stabbed many times on her body. Although she was sent to a doctor, she was still dead. .

At about the same time, another incident occurred at the Fort Washington station. A 1-year-old man was stabbed. Fortunately, his injuries stabilized after being sent to the hospital. He told the police that he was attacked by an unknown male.

After four consecutive hacks and killings, the New York police have sent 4 police officers to patrol subway stations. Brooklyn Mayor Eric Adams (Eric
Adams revealed that there has been a recent surge in violence in the New York subway. Most of the perpetrators are people affected by severe mental illness, and they usually choose to start with tramps who take shelter in the winter.

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