Australia-New York Governor's Response to "Pandemic Scandal": Realistic Factors and Political Operations | Australia Chinatown

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当地时间2月15日,纽约州州长安德鲁·科莫(Andrew Cuomo)召开新闻发布会,就纽约州新冠肺。。。



In addition, Cuomo defended the "new crown epidemic data underreporting incident", saying that New York State has been updating the epidemic data to the US Department of Justice and others, but on the other hand he suspended the New York State Assembly's data application.

Cuomo said that the epidemic is not over yet, and New York State has been making statistics and releasing data as soon as possible.New York State previously updated relevant data on the transfer of infected persons from hospitals to nursing homes, or from nursing homes to hospitals, which led to gaps in information and made false news and conspiracy theories fly in the air.Cuomo further stated that the nursing homes in New York State need to be reformed in the future and that the epidemic information will be updated in a timely manner so that the false news cannot continue to spread.

Previously, New York State released data to continue to increase the number of new crown deaths in nursing homes. On February 2, the office of Governor Cuomo of New York State confirmed the contents of a recording. The recording showed that Cuomo and his team did not report the true number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in nursing homes to state legislators because of concerns about the last US government meeting. Use this to target them.


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