Australia-The Governor of New York concealed more than half of the death toll from the infection in nursing homes, rumored that staff have admitted | Australia Chinatown

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
@NewYorkStateAG We need to have an investigation o. . .

We need to have an investigation of the governor for hiding the
facts and the numbers of the Covid deaths in nursing homes he was
the one that ordered them into the nursing homes and not utilize
the ship hope in the Javits Center

— Cycler rider (@CyclerRider)
February 12

United States New York State Attorney General James (Letitia
James) published a report in January criticizing the state government led by Cuomo, accusing the other party of underreporting the number of deaths in nursing homes. It is estimated that the underreporting rate is more than 1%, and the number is thousands.

CNN reported that in the past nearly six months, lawmakers have been asking the Ministry of Health to provide complete data on the number of deaths in nursing homes, but there has been no significant progress for many months. After the state attorney general’s report was published, health officials Public data shows that more than 1.5 New Yorkers in nursing homes or other adult care facilities have been diagnosed or estimated to have died of new coronary pneumonia.As for the data before New York State released the data, the number was only over 8700.

U.S. media: staff acknowledged the incident

The New York Post reported on February 2 that the recording obtained by the newspaper showed that Como’s staff, De Rosa, apologized to Democratic congressmen at a private virtual meeting. She said that the state was worried that the Justice Department targeted The preliminary investigation of the New York Nursing Home and the fear that it would attract the then President Donald Trump.
Trump) Attention, because Trump often discussed the treatment of the nursing home by Cuomo and other Democratic governors on Twitter.

After the incident became public, many New York Republicans asked Cuomo to step down, and some Democratic state senators said, "This is a betrayal of public trust."

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