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From preschool to high school, children have to eat lunch in school every day. How to ensure that they eat healthy and have enough energy to support the learning and activities in the afternoon is very important.




This puts even greater pressure on parents who are already worried about lunch, and criticizes the lunch policy as unrealistic.



A study by Flinders University found that 5% of the energy consumed by children aged 12 to 40 comes from unhealthy lunch foods. Most children do not or rarely eat vegetables, protein-rich foods or dairy products during school.

Foods commonly eaten include biscuits, processed meats, bagged snacks, bread and fruits.



So at the beginning of the new school year, Victorian schools are issuing lunch guidelines, suggesting that parents add smiley faces to boiled eggs and make creative healthy lunches such as striped "zebra sandwiches" to attract children to choose healthy foods.




2. Crunchy vegetables

3. Dairy products: cheese, milk or yogurt

4. Foods rich in protein: lean meat or boiled eggs

5. Starchy foods: cereal bread, rolls, flat bread, fruit bread or biscuits

6. Water



But the cereal bars, processed meats, juices and flavored milk that parents like to prepare are all excluded from the menu.


  • Fruit bars和 straps

  • Flavored milk and dairy desserts;

  • High-fat meats such as Italian sausage and Stasbourg sausage.

  • Oven baked cookies

  • chocolate stick

  • Oatmeal Bars

  • 添加巧克力酱、果酱和蜂蜜的三明治


为此,不少学校举行了 Healthy Hat Parades、水果沙拉日、水果蔬菜周,并重新安排午餐时间,教育家长营养知识。



Victorian Better Health Channel also gives advice on using white bread and black bread to make "zebra sandwiches" that appeal to children.

The study suggests that in order to avoid the boredom of children, parents can pack different lunches every day, make interesting sandwiches, or buy "the latest style lunch box."


Eltham North Primary School recommends that parents make whole-wheat sandwiches with Swiss cheese, cucumber slices, cheese and so on.

They also suggest to draw a smiley face on the boiled egg,


Make "ants on a log" with celery, cream cheese and raisins.


Principal David Foley said that parents are looking for quick and healthy lunchbox ideas.Many websites and social media have also prepared some bento box ideas for parents.



p style=”text-align: left”> 03引发争议

Although officials insist that this helps students enjoy a healthier lunch, some parents say it puts pressure on an already busy schedule.


Belinda Jennings, founder and CEO of Mum Central, said that some of the suggestions are "quite unrealistic."

"It is difficult for us to have enough time to plan, prepare and provide healthy lunch boxes for our children."

Many parents say that there is not enough time to prepare lunch for their children, and even if a healthy lunch is made, the children may not eat it.

A mother said: "I often see bananas left in my child's schoolbag and half a sandwich."


Some parents also pointed out that those who grew up eating sandwiches and fruits are still healthy!Schools should focus on education instead of eating.

But there are also some parents who support the school’s approach.



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