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It is reported that on the last day of Victoria's Level 24 lockdown, two new cases of local transmission were recorded.Health authorities confirmed that a total of 23950 tests were conducted in the XNUMX hours as of Tuesday, and new cases were found during the tests.Picking up. . .Australia Chinatown
                据报在维州四级封锁的最后一天,又记录到两例新的本地传播病例。<br />

Health authorities confirmed that a total of 24 tests were conducted in the 23950 hours as of Tuesday, and new cases were found during the tests.

Two new cases were also found among international travelers who were quarantined in hotels. The current number of active cases in Victoria has reached 25.

The Victorian Department of Health tweeted: "These two local infections have a close family relationship with the previously confirmed case of Holiday Inn."

The Victorian Health Department said on Monday that the lifting of the lockdown will depend on the number of new hot spots that emerge in the future.

Victoria's Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton claimed that he is waiting for more data.

He believes that in the next few days, there may be more confirmed cases in Melbourne's airport hotel isolation area.

Sutton said on Monday: "We hope that there will be no more community transmission in the future."

"This is crucial. We don't want to hear new cases appear in high places where confirmed cases have been."

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said that although he could not confirm whether the blockade would end as planned on Wednesday, Victoria is currently in "good conditions".

The press conference is expected to be held later on Tuesday.

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