Australia-Burmese anti-military coup raised Chinese slogans to protest Beijing | Australia Chinatown

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Is China supporting #Myanmar JUNTA??? If China su. . .
            Is China supporting 

#Myanmar JUNTA??? If China supported the coup, it's a
Conspiracy. Myanmar students protest in front of Chinese Embassy

— With MYANMAR (@With__Myanmar)
February 13

Since the Burmese military government launched the coup, the Burmese people have been demonstrating continuously. Among them, China has been criticized as the "backup" of the military government, which has been strongly condemned by the Burmese people. Today (13th) more than 1000 people gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar to express their protest.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, due to a request issued by the UN Security Council on the 4th to release leader Aung San Suu
Kyi)’s statement, the Chinese government deleted the expression "coup d'etat". Starting on the 11th, hundreds of people in the Chinese embassy in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, began to hold high slogans "Stop helping the military coup" and "China is shameful" in Chinese and English. Protest Beijing did not condemn the military coup, and the scale of protests has reached thousands of people to this day.

The Burmese people today again raised slogans such as "Don't help the military", "Don't interfere in internal affairs, please support democratization," and repeatedly shouted slogans.

There are rumors that in order to strengthen information control, the military government has obtained Chinese support and is stepping up the formulation of a new cyber security law.This "draft" of the cybersecurity law has spread on information social media, heightening criticism of China.In order to stop the demonstrators, the Chinese Embassy also installed barbed wire railings on the road in front of the embassy.

A female kindergarten teacher who participated in the demonstration stated that “many people feel that China exists behind the coup,” and another female college student also said, “Regaining democracy requires support from the world. If China is a good neighbor, we should lend a helping hand. Realize the future that Myanmar young people really hope".

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