Australia-Netizens celebrate the New Year’s Eve dinner on the spot, the family is warm and hearty, and the last one makes people shine (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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The first one: This family should be from the coastal area. The full table has a lot of seafood. Although there are not many dishes, it costs a lot of money. There are steamed hairy crabs, boiled shrimps, garlic scallops, stew, and steamed fish. , There is also a plate full of raw salmon, which makes people drool thinking about it. The ingredients are relatively simple and the original taste is pursued.The delicious seafood highlights a happy and prosperous life, and the taste of happiness is self-evident.


The second one: This is a typical and more particular big family. There are 16 dishes, large and small, including chicken soup, steamed fish, braised duck with winter bamboo shoots, various kinds of cured meats, stir-fried vegetables, strawberries, cherries, and deep-fried dishes. The spring rolls and the wormwood cakes are full of dishes. There are meat, vegetarian, heavy and light dishes. They are the dishes that family likes to eat. Just looking at the pictures will be greedy.


The third: The family made 8 dishes in total, but with meat and vegetables, including boiled prawns, steamed abalone, braised chicken drumsticks, fried yam with fungus, tofu pot, pork bone soup, etc. Although it looks simple and homely, but Decent and delicious.


The fourth house: In the context of "Chinese New Year in situ", many foreign friends do not go home, and a warm New Year's Eve meal has become an urgent need for them.Eat New Year's Eve dinner in coastal areas. In addition to common chicken, duck and fish, fresh and delicious seafood is also the absolute protagonist.All kinds of crabs, shrimps, oysters, scallops and fish, etc. The delicious seafood highlights a happy and prosperous life, and the taste of happiness is self-evident.


Fifth home: Many friends did not return to their hometown for the New Year, so the New Year's Eve dinner cooked by a small family is also quite good.This restaurant made a total of 8 dishes. The numbers are very auspicious. There are saliva chicken, tofu, tomato scrambled eggs, fried cauliflower, tomato scrambled eggs, braised chicken wings, braised shrimp and oyster sauce green vegetables. The combination of meat and vegetables is also more reasonable. Give it a thumbs up, the food is exquisite!


The sixth: This is a new family just formed by the post-80s or post-90s. This year’s Spring Festival will celebrate the new year on the spot. There may be few people and the couple will not cook much, but they will not make it at all. There is a large plate of salt and pepper skin shrimp in the middle. A plate of steamed turbot, two hairy crabs, raw salmon, and a plate of braised duck feet. The drinks are also high-end. Even the fruit after the meal is full of prosperous pomegranate seeds.The hostess of the family should be a gentle and house-keeping person. Life is quite exquisite, and her family must be very happy.

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