Australia-The Governor of the United States released a photo of the party and caused a lot of scolding. Only one person wore a mask |

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On the evening of the 9th, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem posted a photo on his official Twitter account and was shocked. . .
            9日晚,美国南达科他州州长克里斯蒂·诺姆(Kristi Noem)在官方推特账户上发布一张照片,惊呆不少网民。<br />

Nanda is one of the most severely affected states in the United States, but out of the 25 people in this photo, only one woman wears a mask.

Judging from the governor’s tweet, this is a dinner held at her home to treat the legal assistants of the state government.This celebration banquet may be related to a stimulus bill passed by the state to revitalize the tourism industry.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there have been more than 10 confirmed cases and 1800 deaths in Nanda.The number of diagnoses per 10 people ranks second in the United States, and the death rate ranks ninth in the United States.

Although it is premature, some more radical American media have referred to this scene as a "super spreading incident."

U.S. media report screenshot

Vox reporter Aaron Ruper
Rupar) commented, “During the epidemic, the governor blatantly flaunted crowd gatherings and did not wear masks. In her state, 500 in 1 people died from the new crown.”

"Remind, there is something called the new crown epidemic," a netizen shouted to Noam, "you may have heard of it."

The woman who does not wear a mask looks very special in the crowd, and many netizens have also discovered her.Some people boast that "she is the only smart person in the crowd", but there are also netizens who put themselves in the position and feel that she must feel the pressure of people around her.

"I feel sorry for the girl wearing a mask." A netizen commented.

Noam is a Republican. Newsweek called her a "close ally of Trump."

On February 2, Noam declared in an interview with Fox News that Nanda had adopted a "unique" anti-epidemic method, which had performed "much better" than other states. CNN then came forward to refute the rumors. Said Noam "ignored the state's poor epidemic data."

CNN reported that Noam publicly opposed the mandatory mask order (launched after Biden took power) and a series of restrictions related to the epidemic


"Why the death toll in Nanda is higher than other states, this picture is very representative." Some netizens commented.

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