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The US Counter Intelligence Collection Center reports: China’s massive collection of US personal medical data threatens national security . .

US Counter Intelligence Collection Center report: China’s massive collection of US personal medical data threatens national security

— Voice of America Chinese Network (@VOAChinese)
February 2

The US National Counterintelligence Collection and Security Center issued a report on Monday (February 2021, 2) that China has used legal and illegal means to collect a large amount of medical and health data from the United States and countries around the world over the years, saying that this move is not only right. The privacy of Americans is a threat to the US economy and national security.

The National Counterintelligence Collection and Security Center stated that China entered the US market by acquiring US companies that process sensitive personal health information and other personal data, and obtained relevant data.Chinese companies also obtain American health data through cooperation with American hospitals, universities and other research institutions.

The report cited, for example, that during the COVID-8 pandemic, under the vigorous promotion of the Chinese government, China's BGI said that as of August last year, it had sold virus detection tools to 180 countries around the world, and established viruses in 18 countries. Detection chamber.These activities will help the Chinese authorities to receive genetic data of foreigners.

As for illegal methods, the report mentioned that Chinese government hackers broke into the computer systems of American medical insurance company Anson in 2015 and stole the personal data of nearly 8000 million people.The National Center for Counterintelligence Collection and Security stated that obtaining these personal data gives the regime a great opportunity to target employees of the US government and private companies in order to obtain intelligence data against the United States that Beijing wants to collect.

The report concludes by saying that mastering Americans’ personal health information will help China improve its ability to develop artificial intelligence and precision medicine, and help Chinese biotech companies continue to develop new drugs to replace American biotech companies’ global leadership.

Just before the US National Counterintelligence Collection and Security Center published this report, William Ivanina, who had just stepped down as the director of the center,
Evanina talked about the main points of the report in an interview with American media, and the center retweeted the report about the interview with the former center director.

This shows that the new Biden administration will, like the previous Trump administration, remain highly vigilant against China's vigorous efforts to collect US personal data and endanger US national security.


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