Australia-U.S. couples negotiate the car quake in seconds and break up. Witnesses see the erotic palace from the seat (video) | Australia Chinatown

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A woman in the United States had an appointment with her boyfriend to talk about breaking up. In order to be afraid of extravagance, she specially found a male friend to hide behind the car.

A woman in the United States had an appointment with her boyfriend to talk about breaking up. In order to be afraid of extravagance, she specially found a male friend to hide behind the carriage to record the whole journey.Unexpectedly, not only was the breakup unsuccessful, but the two reconciled instantly. They ran to the back seat to dry the firewood and recorded all the car shocks.The friends who came to be bodyguards instantly became spectators and watched a live erotica during the whole process. The atmosphere was super awkward.The video was postponed to the Internet, attracting more than 2 people to make pilgrimages.


According to "The Sun" report, this male netizen was asked by a female friend to go to her boyfriend to talk about breaking up with her.In the film, the woman was originally sitting next to the front driver's seat, while the man was hiding in the back compartment with a red blanket and turned on the phone to record.According to the short version of the video released so far, the two people broke up in the front panel at first. During the process, the boyfriend took the initiative to move to the back seat and kept reminiscing about the good old days between the conversations.

Then, the young couple who were about to break up actually started to kiss in the back seat. The plot is really super-expanding, and the witness of the break-up is like this through the seat, turning into the audience to witness the love of the couple's car.According to the male netizen, the car started shaking and the windows were covered with fog, and the man got out of the car and left.During the process, the witnessed man opened his mouth wide in front of the camera with embarrassment, but he dared not speak out.

When everything calmed down, the parting witness who was hiding in the back of the car jumped out frantically and asked the woman "Are you kidding me?" The woman responded innocently, "I can't stand it."After this exaggerated film was released by PO, more than 10 netizens have watched the excitement. Because the plot is really exaggerated, netizens have also questioned whether it is a fake acting, "because this thing will only happen in the movie!"

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