Australia-US media reveals Biden's schedule to accompany his granddaughter to play games, photo exposure | Australia Chinatown

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            虽然已经是白宫的“老熟人”,但作为新任美国总统,拜登每天的作息时间仍然受到关注。<br />

According to a CNN report on February 2, even if he is surrounded by a large number of Secret Service agents every day, keeps up with the top secrets of the United States, and responds to the tracking of the news media, Biden has been experienced in Washington for decades. "Old people" seem to be more "handy" in carrying out work than their predecessors.


According to CNN, former President Barack Obama used to read the President’s daily briefing at night, while Trump likes to watch TV at night. In contrast, Biden is an early-to-sleeper. -bed), but he keeps the tradition of reading letters from the American people, there are always several letters in the documents every day when he goes home.

In fact, the Bidens are very familiar with the White House. He used to work here for eight years during his tenure as vice president. As a result, Biden once joked at the inauguration that "feeling like going home".According to a report by People Weekly on February 2, the "First Lady" Jill said in an interview at the White House that although the White House has changed a lot, there are still things that are exactly the same as they remembered, such as Michelle Obama. Kitchen garden under.According to CNN, after taking office, Biden once showed Vice President Harris the window through which he wrote his wife's Valentine's Day greetings during his tenure as Vice President.

According to a CNN report on February 2, Biden’s current work pace is more organized than when Trump took office. Trump’s aides have spared a lot of "administrative time" to meet his needs for watching TV and making phone calls.The meetings hosted by Biden seem to be held more on time, but they usually take longer than planned.

Except for weekdays, Biden still insists on participating in public gatherings on weekends, such as church activities, etc., and he usually goes with "First Lady" Jill. CNN commented in a report on the 16th that Biden and Jill seem to be more willing to show intimacy publicly than the previous "first couple".



周一(15日)为美国总统日(the Presidents Day)假期,拜登与第一夫人吉尔(Jill
Biden)趁着假期带同子女及孙子孙女,前往马里兰州的大卫营(Camp David)度假,也是拜登首次以总统身份到访大卫营。


鸭舌帽的背面写上「POP」的字样,娜奥米表示要求祖父带上这顶鸭舌帽,是要确保拜登于总统日假期暂时卸下总统的头衔(just to
make sure the job title doesn’t get to his head)。

Mario)游戏。娜奥米形容拜登的打机技巧似乎有些生疏(a little rusty),但仍能勉强胜出。


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