Australia-Commonwealth Bank expects Australian house prices to rise 8% this year and 6% next year | Australia Chinatown

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01无惧封锁隔离 墨尔本房屋拍卖清盘率攀升尽管维州周五子夜起进入了为期5天的封锁


No fear of blockade and isolation, Melbourne house auction clearance rate rises


澳洲最大的房地产中介商Ray White表示,由于澳洲在未来4年内将维持历史最低利率,买房需求旺盛,在墨尔本市场通过该公司进行的89套房屋的拍卖中,清盘率高达94%。


(Picture source: "Aohua Finance Online")  


联邦银行预计澳洲房价今年上扬8%   明年上涨6%

澳洲联邦银行(CBA)经济部负责人Gareth Aird周一称,预计房价今年将上涨8%,明年攀升6%。在这两年期间,预计独立房屋房价将上涨16%,公寓房房价将出现9%的涨幅。



During the COVID-XNUMX pandemic, Australian landlords have no intention of reducing rents


The report shows that at least a quarter of tenants lost their source of income during the epidemic, but only 1% of tenants said their landlord was willing to reduce rent or agreed to postpone rent collection.Among these landlords, 4% just agreed to defer rent collection and were unwilling to reduce rent.

Mr. James Toomey, who participated in the study, said that due to a large number of tenants who are in arrears with high rents and the policy prohibiting forced eviction of tenants is about to expire, the Australian government must act as soon as possible to provide social security housing and reduce homelessness. Make more efforts.

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