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This article was published on March 2020, 3 and is now republished. On February 14, 2021, Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin commented on "Clubhouse was blocked" on Weibo. In addition to a typical "Hu Xijin style" statement, he also mentioned that he was "hacked" in multiple rooms in Clubhouse and was It's so dark that it's "very hot".In Clubhouse's "humiliating" netizen carnival, some netizens used political spoof language to generate comments for ridiculing Hu Xijin, using a random application of political spoofing language-"Hubian Generator", which also brought this application into the eyes of netizens again.

On March 3, after "Zhao Bo Magnet" and "Geng Shuang Simulator", the political spoof-style random language generation application added new members——Hubian generator, This time it was used to generate a text comment of "Hu Xijin Style".

The author of this application (project address) HuEditorGenerator said:

It is used to produce Hu-style comments. In this way, when something new happens, comments are generated and released immediately, which can immediately seize the high ground of public opinion and win a great victory.

Based on "BullshitGenerator", the corpus comes from Lao Hu.


The following is the authorHubian generatorA Hu-style review for keywords:

Test article topic: Hu Bian Generator

As far as Lao Hu is concerned, the significance of Hubian generator to Lao Hu cannot but be said to be very important.
With regard to the issue of Hubian generators on the Internet recently, Lao Hu also saw strong reactions from all parties.I have seen reports that the Hubian generator can be solved in this way, and I think this method is worthy of research and reference.As long as everyone is sincere, the problem can always be solved.

The situation of Hubian generator caused strong public dissatisfaction.In addition to public opinion itself, there are some resentments caused by Hubian generators, there are other reasons, Lao Hu thinks Hubian generators shouldn't.The Hubian generator is destined to impress the Chinese people. Some people worry that China will not reflect deeply. I don't think so.I believe that the problem is quite obvious. Since the Hubian generator, China's reflection has begun.Some words have not been said publicly, but we can find a lot of clear evidence that these reflections are in progress.This is the embodiment of complex China.

For Lao Hu, Hubian generator is not only a major event, but also a thing worth thinking about. Lao Hu thinks,
In fact, in the age of social media, it is relatively easy to form such a momentary centralized release, because there is almost no cost, nothing more.Lao Hu also thought about this issue every day and night.

For the Hubian generator, Lao Hu has a basic judgment
With such a dazzling information game, one thing can be rolled back and forth in half a day.To be honest, it is sometimes difficult for an old world like Lao Hu to tell which information is true, which is false, which is wrong, and which is maliciously created.

Old Hu thought,
Lao Hu today briefly sorted out the process and reasons of the Hubian generator, in order to remind some of the defects and problems exposed in the current case.Old Hu thinks that where China is doing well, I think the public opinion environment surrounding Hubian generators has changed.Old Hu felt,
Recently, many people have been wronged due to the Hubian generator incident.You can imagine the inexplicability caused by Hubian generators to the masses.

Earlier, an online article summarized Hu Xijin’s comments as "nonsense routines": 1. Cover the content in form 2. Dispel meaning 3. Steal the target 4. Criticize the scarecrow 5. Take credit
6. Blurring the priority 7. Playing the table to coax the child

Basic Common Sense | Learn nonsense from nonsense

Some netizens once briefly summarized Hu Xijin’s comment format:

“Recently, __________ appeared on the Internet, and Lao Hu also saw __________ and knew that everyone was very __________. Lao Hu couldn’t help but verbalize a few words. Although __________ does have some __________, __________, finally Lao Hu appealed __________"

Currently, there are already netizens"Hubian Generator"Tested, very interesting, such as the test "eating shit":

CDT editors also"Xi Jinping personally directs""Li Wenliang is dead"Tested for the theme, the overall impression is that Hu Xijin’s writing style is true. He said a lot but he didn’t seem to say anything, but the purpose of "making a mess" + "maintaining stability" is clear.

Lao Hu commented that "Xi Jinping personally directed":

The following is the full text:

Many people don't want to watch the report directed by Xi Jinping himself, and I can't bear to watch it because it feels uncomfortable to imagine it.

The rebuttal, the questioning, and the cross-examination of Xi Jinping’s personal command of the incident should not be fabricated.No matter how much doubt we have, we should not leave the above basic logic.This time, the first to be strongly impacted was all those who were personally directed by Xi Jinping.To tell the truth, when I saw that Xi Jinping himself had become the target of public suspicion and dissatisfaction, I felt a little uncomfortable.In the past two days, there has been an upsurge of Xi Jinping's personal command in many places.But some are not within a reasonable range and should be stopped urgently.What Lao Hu wants to say is that in Xi Jinping's personal command of the incident, nothing can be done, and overall balance must be pursued.

Lu Xun once mentioned,
Human sorrows and joys are not interlinked, I just think they are noisy.This can't help but make Old Hu think deeply. He hopes that domestic scholars and media professionals will abide by the bottom line of seeking truth from facts, and no matter what position they stand or for any purpose in the case of Xi Jinping's personal command, they will not break this bottom line.Lao Hu does not advocate focusing on the future at this time. Lao Hu is pleased to see that yesterday, several mainstream media outlets were the first to focus on Xi Jinping’s personal command of the incident and reported on it.It is hoped that the mainstream media’s attention to this issue can be expanded to become the attention of the entire society.I want to convey this news to the public for your reference.

At the same time, Lao Hu must say that Lao Hu once mentioned,
Many people scolded and talked about history.Well, I will reply you with confidence: Your text on Weibo will definitely disappear. When people in the future come to inquire about history, they will suddenly realize that among all Chinese media, only the Global Times records every important paragraph in paper. Real history.This is our best account of history.

This can't help but make old Hu think deeply. Do you remember that just a few days ago, some media hyped Xi Jinping personally.Before the words fell, it broke out that Xi Jinping personally directed the real scandal.I don’t think the society is doing this excessively. I think the reflection on Xi Jinping’s personal command is a manifestation of society’s strong enterprising spirit. We always think that we still have room for improvement, and we are very worried about the incomplete correction.In fact, Lao Hu has always admired improvements and more profound reforms, and we often do this very quickly.Lao Hu wants to say something that might be scolded today.I have seen reports that Xi Jinping's personal command can solve this problem. I think this method is worthy of research and reference.As long as everyone is sincere, the problem can always be solved.The situation under Xi Jinping's personal command aroused strong public dissatisfaction.In addition to the resentment caused by Xi Jinping's personal command in public opinion itself, there are also other reasons. Lao Hu felt that Xi Jinping's personal command should not be the case.

Lao Hu commented on "Li Wenliang's death":

As a media person, Lao Hu urged all relevant people to learn from Li Wenliang's death.Lao Hu said this inadvertently,
A country focused on handling problems is ultimately respectable.This can't help but make Old Hu think deeply. He hopes that domestic scholars and media professionals will abide by the bottom line of seeking truth from facts. No matter what position they stand in the death of Li Wenliang, for any purpose, they will not break this bottom line.Old Hu once mentioned,
Some people say that I am the "Four Evil Men" and the "Ten Evil Men".I don't know if I am a heinous crime or a heinous crime?This can't help but make Lao Hu think deeply. What Lao Hu wants to say is that in the death of Li Wenliang, nothing can be done, and he must pursue overall balance.Lao Hu today briefly sorted out the process and causes of Li Wenliang's death in order to remind some of the defects and problems exposed in the current case.The death of Li Wenliang quickly gathered attention on the Internet.I think this matter has little to do with the current overall situation.Lao Hu, I am more concerned about the direction, why did the death of Li Wenliang happen so easily, and what kind of interest drive led to the disregard of risk?At the beginning of this blog post, Lao Hu called on officials to explain Li Wenliang's death.Before this statement arrives, I want to clarify some basic logic with netizens.

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